Camias Jewelry Designs: bridal accessories right out of Renaissance, Celtic lore, and fairytale epics

Updated Oct 12 2015
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If you're having an Elvish, Celtic, or whimsical wedding theme (like Lord of the Rings!), Camias Jewelry Designs would be the PERFECT addition to your outfit. Offbeat sponsor Kelly Graham of Camias Jewelry Designs specializes in hand-made alternative bridal circlets and headpieces, as well as matching pendants, bracelet cuffs, and elegant neck torcs right out of Renaissance, Celtic lore, and fairytale epics.

Not sure what a "neck torc" is? Click the link — you'll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, you'll be pleasantly surprised with ALL that Camias Jewelry Designs has to offer.

And if you're thinking "there's something vaguely familiar about her work" that's because there is…


You've seen Camias Jewelry Designs on Offbeat Bride before in Christie & Steve's Lord of the Rings, Celtic, tango dance party wedding. BOTH the bride and the groom rocked her amazing circlets.

Seriously, will one of you please rock this ivy leaf hair wrap either with a veil or as a veil alternative? And there is something wonderfully sexy about this ivy neck torc. OR you can have both a headpiece AND a necklace, because Kelly will also work with you to convert your headpiece into a keepsake necklace — I love everything about this.

Basically, I'm a greedy bastard with eyeballs that crave to see MOAR awesome Camias Jewelry Design pieces on our readers — so head over to her website and bedeck yourself in these amazing pieces!

  1. YES!!!!!! THANK YOU for posting this! I'm totally dorking out over these, aren't they so beautiful??? zomg

  2. Yay! We bought our Circlets from Kelly for our Handfasting earlier this year. Great service and the jewelry is outstanding! So cool to see her here!

  3. I loved my circlet and necklace from you! I wear the necklace more regularly than the circlet. Hmmm…I think circlets need to come back into everyday fashion lol

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