Fairy swords, a woodsy tablescape, and a Snowy Mountain stroll

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Angelica Peady Photography

Tribesmaid Laurasonja and her groom got married in the Snowy Mountains, making for some truly epic, wintry photos like this one. There were also some snazzy "fairy swords," bad-ass bridesmaids, and some woodsy decor in the reader submissions this week. The Offbeat Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe was in top form this week. Happy Monday!

A sheet music bouquet, photo memorial, and a peek of a kick-ass corset? Bring this wedding on. Photo by Heidi N Photography

our flower faeries
We're kind of in the zone with flower fairies these days, and no wonder after seeing photos like these. Tribesmaid Mtnhoney and her partner found two real cuties in their natural habitat. Photo by Butterfly Photography

Fairy food
Tribesmaid Michele had a fairy-themed candy buffet including these 'Fairy Swords!' So cute. Photo by Wallflower Photography

Hand-made candles and fairy houses
Just one more shot from Michele's wedding: the woodland-themed centerpieces! Photo by Wallflower Photography

Elizabeth's save-the-dates also call upon the forest, but this time with a camping spin for their camp-out wedding. Made by Etsy seller GoGoSnap

Here's the back too! So vintage.

Sylvia & Tyson
Tribesmaid Frippl and her bridesmaids get a little metal before the ceremony. Photo by Jacqueline Jane

Telegram Table numbers with mini typewriters
I love A Hazard's telegram table numbers held by mini typewriters! Photo by A Hazard

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  1. i just lost my shit over the bride in the black gown with the purple cape. she looks so incredible i have a girl-crush on her now.

    • Yes, love that furry purple cloak. Clicked through to flickr. Love the dress, the owls and the horse too. Wow!

  2. Oh my sweet baby Jesus, Laurasonja's winter wedding photo is GORGEOUS. And I'm in love with her fabulous cape.

  3. Whoever is wearing the red and black striped corset with the white chemise-looking top is probably smokin' hot all over. I always enjoy seeing all of the corseted brides on here.

  4. Hey that gal in the corset with the paper flowers is me (Tribesmaid name Jernni) I meant to finish tagging them today, but low and behold you posted my pics before I could!! 🙂

  5. I got the rest of my pictures from Angie on the weekend 🙂 So the submission will be on it's way!!

  6. This is gorgeous. A black dress makes perfect sense against the snowy landscape. You show up! Loved the typewriters and the woodsy candles with moss. What lucky guests!

  7. I'm so in love with the first photo! Nothing more beautiful than a bride in dark colors walking in snow white lands! I really love that purple cape on her!! That "wood" theme tables is cool and different, and me likes the fairy "swords" treats!!

  8. The first winter picture reminds me of the Enjoy the Silence video by Depeche Mode =)

    I just love it. That wedding is way epic.

  9. I *love* the quotes on the telegram cards! How awesome is it that they used Anne of the Island? And that Snape quote! It makes me tear up every time I read it. Oh, Snape….

    Edit: OMG how did I miss the Jane Austen quote??? *swoon*

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