11 pairs of fabulous wedding shoes we probably can’t afford

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Casadei Women's 1FG27C115

For some folks, spending $300 on a pair of shoes for our wedding might not feel like too much. For others, $50 might be way over budget. This in mind, I generally try to keep my weekly shoe posts focused on shoes that are under $250, and always give options that are under $100.

Sometimes, however, I see shoes that just blow my mind AND my budget. They cost lots but there's just no denying the style. Sometimes just reveling in the awesomeness without asking “Can I afford it?” can be fun. That's called window shopping, and today we're going to do it together with some unobtainable wedding dream shoes. If you're someone who can afford these, you're freaking stoked right now. (Let's have drinks so we can ogle your feet!)


love heel

Giuseppe Zanotti E60064 on offbeat bride

Giuseppe Zanotti Graphic Ankle-Strap Dress Sandal

Pierre Hardy Sz 8 Us 39 Fr Color-block Wedges Shoes

DSQUARED2 WOMEN'S W15J3022912124


platform sneaker

spikey boot


Giuseppe Zanotti Women's I50077


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Comments on 11 pairs of fabulous wedding shoes we probably can’t afford

  1. THOSE SPIKY BOOTS! How the eff does one move in them? Can I see a video demonstration? Set to hardxcore metal? That would be rad thanks?

  2. My SIL had a very strict budget for her wedding to my brother and she stuck to it. She budgeted $1K for clothes, shoes, and accessories. I went dress shopping with her and she found the perfect dress for $99 on the clearance rack, paid $100 in alteration fees….and then spent almost $800 on the most perfect pair of designer shoes I’ve ever felt in my hands. Not the traditional way most brides dole out their clothing budget, but she was ecstatic, looked amazing, and has probably the only pair of really high end designer shoes she will ever own as a wearable memento of a really great day…

    • I love that! I feel like amazing shoes are much easier to rewear after a wedding than a fluffy, fancy gown is.

      That said, OH MAN I wanna see weddings with all of these shoes. Especially the last pair with the lightning bolt heel! And the wedged sneaker! We’ve seen so many brides in converse, it’s firmly established that sneakers qualify as “wedding wear”… right?

    • I did something similar, except with my jewelry. I have two great pieces of jewelry I will wear for years to come.

      No matter what, you have to feel amazeballs beautiful and badass on your wedding day. Whatever your definition of that is. Laid, back, simple and pretty. All out over-the-top elegant. Or just a kickass pair of shoes, pretty jewelry, THE DRESS, or stunning makeup. Rock it!

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