Fabulous vintage hairstyle inspiration

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If you're looking for vintage hair ideas, look no further than Offbeat Bride reader, SarahFutureSailor'sWife, and the results of her wedding hair trial…

I love this set of photos. Just show it to your hair dresser as an all around view of great vintage, retro, pinup, 40s-style wedding hair and you're good to go.

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    • I love your hair for your wedding….I would love to do that but my hair is really long….I am still thinking vintage though!!

      • There are certainly long versions of finger waves. I grew mine out from a buzz cut to rock mine! Ha. While the idea came when I got my dress, it was also a bit of an homage to the grandmother I was named for. She was born in 1910 and she has finger waves in all my favorite photos of her from her youth. 🙂

        • Wow Mary, you look adorable! Love the hair, dress, everything! Thanks for sharing your wedding pictures.

    • !!! Thank you so much for showing your photos! I’m having a 50’s themed wedding and coming a bit short *no pun intended* on hairstyles for shorter hair. You rock, and the photos are fantastic

  1. Hot! I am so doing a vintage updo (not vintage 1960s beehive, style though!) for my wedding. These photos make me tempted to do the half-up, half-down thing, though. Especially since my hair and curling irons get along very well. Hmm….

  2. Any girls who love vintage hairstyles should pick up the book by Lauren Rennells simply called Vintage Hairstyling. I own this book and have gifted it as well. Excellent step by step, pictures and background. You really can’t go wrong with it.

  3. Beautiful vintage ‘do, but I’d have said it was more 1940s than 1950s. Not that it matters at all, except if you’re wanting a strictly authentic look. I’ve often seen this style of hair paired with 50’s dresses and love the way it looks.

  4. I love this look….I want to duplicate it for my Burlesque/pin up themed Bridal shower…!!! Oh yeah, you can also find how to’s on youtube…..

  5. Yes! Thank you! I’ve been searching the internet for vintage hair styles (I really want victory rolls), but have been having trouble finding good images. I will be bringing these to my meeting with my hairdresser this weekend! THANK YOU!!!

  6. I’m really, really psyched because I’m gonna have serious Betty Draper hair for my wedding (in 2 weeks! Ack!). We’re having a seriously budget wedding in Brooklyn, and it’s my one splurge. I’m getting my hair done by Michelle at Pimps and Pinups on the Lower East Side; any girls that are in NYC should take note… she’s awesome.

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