Io’s gothy wedding

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If your tastes tend toward the gothy, film noir, and slightly victorian, your head may explode from io's southern gothic wedding photos. I'm especially pleased with her little wedding hat, the groom's striking outfit, and the bat cake. (Thanks, Kat!)

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  1. Wow. That’s all I can to say. You and the wedding were beautiful! I hope my wedding is half of what that was and I’ll be happy! I love love LOVE your dress. BTW your makeup was perfect- incase you were wondering! hehe.

  2. omgoodness my head did explode from the awesomeness. how the hell am I going to get any work done now.

  3. Designed the dress herself, did her own makeup…wow. I’m impressed. That gown is gorgeous, and her hair and makeup is perfect. Beautiful wedding!

  4. I keep hoping for a bride with a sweet little hat like that! The details on her dress were so pretty. I wish I could have been the one working the camera at that event. Eye candy! YUM!

  5. Her dress makeup and venue are so beautiful! I love that her dress was light pink!
    The only thing I dont like are all of those fish-eye-lens shots, but thankfully they are not all like that

  6. She is gorgeous! What an amazing looking event. Those fish eye shots are bit much though.

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