Fabric flowers in EVERY style for your whole bridal party from Make Believe'N

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Gothic or traditional. Eco chic or edgy. Vegan or fantastically feathered — Etsy seller Make Believe'N can create the perfect fabric flowers for you and your entire wedding party.

Krissy from Make Believe'N creates amazing bouquets, boutonnieres, bridal belts and fascinators for all types of brides. There's even an entire section devoted LGBT weddings (with "his and his" and "hers and hers" wedding flower packages). And we're not sure what you're going to be more excited about — her actual work, or her special offer for offbeat brides. Keep reading and then let us know. 🙂

Each flower is made from satin, organza, chiffon, or taffeta, and every kind of interesting embellishment you can think of: brooches, beads, sequins, tulle, even photos!

I offer the unique service of including memorial photographs in the flowers (actually the flower center). If you are lucky enough to never have experienced loss, the photo centers are equally cool as tokens of affection if you include your loved one or family pet.

Ooh, and don't get us started on the Statement Bridal Belts! Okay, okay, we'll get started… each of Make Believe'N's belts are one-of-a-kind couture pieces. Unique and bold, these belts would make the most amazing addition to your wedding dress. Each one is also sewn to a very long taffeta belt so no matter your size, you can rock the hell out of these.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: All Offbeat Bride customers that purchase a bouquet will get a complimentary boutonniere with the mention of this ad!

So if your standard wedding florist isn't cutting it for your particular kind of offbeat wedding, hook up with Make Believe'N and get wedding flowers like you've never seen.

  1. Wonderful flowers. Silk flowers are so natural and ideal to keep and enjoy for a long time after the event.

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