Want to register for an adventure? Here's the perfect blend of an experience registry and a physical gift

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This new kind of gift registry is the perfect combination of magical experiences and physical gifts
Tinggly offers some of the coolest adventures on the planet

Y'all know we are all about experience gifts instead of more stuff we don't need. That's why honeymoon registries, cash registries, and registering for experiences is one of the most flexible ways to receive wedding gifts you'll actually use. Instead of a toaster or a slow cooker, you can get parasailing in Bali. Instead of towels, you can have wine tasting in Italy. You get what I mean. But sometimes your guests would rather get you something you can hold or that they can see you open. That's where this new kind of gift registry from Tinggly comes in. It's the ultimate combination of experience and a physical gift.

Here's how it works…

This new kind of gift registry is the perfect combination of magical experiences and physical gifts

Your friends gift you a Tinggly gift box (or PDF if you're not local) that can be redeemed for thousands of experiences or adventures in hundreds of countries around the world. So whether or not you (or the couple you're buying for) knows where you want to honeymoon or not, you can redeem that gift anytime within the next five years. You choose the experience that suits your tastes and they get to see you way more happy than if they'd gotten you a cheese knife.

Plus, there are all kinds of box styles to suit the wedding theme or the couple. Peep the rainbow wedding — it's adorable.

This new kind of gift registry is the perfect combination of magical experiences and physical gifts

What kind of experiences are available? SO MANY:

You don't need to know your plans yet, but your Tinggly experiences will be waiting for you to choose whenever you start planning. You'll be making memories that will last a lifetime and all with a little help from your friends.

With Tinggly, you can receive an eVoucher file sent instantly to your email or your guests can order a Tinggly gift box which includes a voucher with your personalized greeting, along with a beautiful brochure explaining the whole concept.

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Tinggly strikes the perfect balance between a physical gift wedding guests want to hand to you and not having to cram more stuff you don't really need into a closet. Trust: your friends will love seeing you enjoying that wine tour way more anyway.

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