“Every wedding speech ever”: Will any of these stereotypes show up in your wedding toasts?

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"Every wedding speech ever": Will you be seeing any of these stereotypes giving speeches at your wedding?

College Humor recently took on the task of skewering ye olde wedding toast. From your long-winded bestie to your cranky-about-paying dad to your emotional mother of the groom, no typical toastmaster was spared in this parody.

Clearly not all of us will be dealing with these stereotypes at the reception or pre-wedding parties, but certainly we can all use a good chuckle about the dreaded task of making a speech, right?


It reminds me of this advice post about how to avoid sexist cliches in toasts, if you're expecting them. Solid advice here, y'all…

Which of these might YOU be encountering at your wedding? Or will you somehow be avoiding all of them?

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