Handmade shoes for you, from Etsy, for your wedding!

Updated Oct 31 2019
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Gold T-straps as seen on Offbeat Bride

I know I typically stick to online shops like Zappos, Modcloth, and Heels.com for my shoe posts, but this week I want to dive into the delicious handmade footwear to be found on Etsy. Now, given that this is Etsy, "handmade" is kinda subjective, and I'm a little dubious given the price point on some of these (how can these made-to-order holographic oxfords be only $55?!), but here we go. Handmade shoes for you, from Etsy, for your wedding! Lots of flats and metallics in here… and I may be madly in love with Golden Ponies.

As always, click the pictures to learn more!

Shoes seen on Offbeat Bride

Shoes seen on Offbeat Bride

Shoes seen on Offbeat Bride

Handmade boots as seen on Offbeat Bride



Pink fairy boots seen on Offbeat Bride

Shoes seen on Offbeat Bride

As seen on Offbeat Bride


Yellow triple strap shoes seen on Offbeat Bride



Handmade clogs as seen on Offbeat Bride


Asymmetrical oxfords as seen on Offbeat Bride

Random bonus shoe

In Love with Unicorn Flat

  1. wow…. i'm in love with the golden ponies shop, lol just like you said. think i will get some of the boots and oxfords for non wedding purposes

  2. you guys are absolutely KILLING me with all these cutes shoes that don't go past an 8-10. Are there any posts of shoes for girls with big feet?

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