Sample dresses and custom gowns: Escala Berazza is taking the stress out of wedding dress shopping

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Where are my brides who haven't found their dresses? Let's do a little dress shopping together with our sponsor Escala Berazza — a new bridal fashion site offering bridal gown design services, veils, and a super-convenient sample program that allows you to touch and feel the bridal gowns, before purchasing!

But for now, who's up for a little virtual wedding gown fondling? Let's start shopping, shall we…

The Carmen dress
I love a big ‘ol white dress with a big ‘ol black sash, a la The Carmen dress.

Escala Berazza sells their dresses 100% online, but there's no reason why you can't try 'em on like you would dresses in a store. Using their aforementioned sample program, you can try on any of these bad boys. Escala Berazza is totally taking the stress out of dress-shopping in crowded salons, or nixing that whole “gettin' nekkid in front of strangers” thing.

The Katherine dress
The Katherine dress has lace for days and it makes me happy.

Not seeing a sample dress that you'd like to try on? With Escala Berazza‘s “Commission a Dress” program, they can cater to your specific dress needs by designing and making you a one-of-a-kind dress! They'll create your custom dress made to your your exact size. They will also do the same custom fitting for all of their gowns — not just custom. Because you know what also sucks about dress shopping? The constant fittings. You know what's great about Escala Berazza? Their made-to-fit custom dress experience.

The Crystal dress with veil.
The Crystal dress with the most amazing bodice and veil.

Not only can you try on their dresses from the comfort of your own home, or have a totally custom dress created just for you, but you can do so with a special Offbeat Bride discount!

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Escala Berazza is offering y'all a $250 discount on any of their dresses when you use promo code OFFBEAT250EB.

Gorgeous fluffy white Rose dress.
Gorgeous fluffy white Rose dress.

Well, I enjoyed our little shopping experience. Fluffy dresses, gorgeous lace, glittery accents, pretty black belts. Be the biggest damn princess on your wedding day, or the slinkiest laciest tomboy ever — it's up to you with Escala Berazza! You can totally continue this lovely and stress-free dress shopping experience on your own, over on Escala Berazza's website.

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  1. That first photo looks like a painting! All of these are stunning and their process sounds like a dream.

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not finding them helpful. Everytime I look at “Collections” on their site, I just get a gray box where they should be. Disappointing 🙁

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