Feed and ENTERTAIN your guests by building your wedding cake in front of them

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Yes, we all know that wedding cakes are awesome and can be visually AND culinarily one of the highlights of a wedding reception. While some wedding cakes may be as fun to look at as they are fun to eat, Thomas and Sara's wedding cake was actually part of their wedding entertainment. They had their wedding cake assembled in front of their guests!

Here's what their wedding photographers Wild About You had to say about it…

We heard squeals of delight when their baker friend, Reva of Merci Beaucoup, began assembling their Napoleon-style berry-and-cream cake in the living room. Says Thomas, “Sara and I attended a wedding in Italy a few years ago and saw a similar cake made during the reception. We really liked the idea.”

I freaking LOVE the idea of watching a dessert get assembled as part of the ceremony entertainment. What better way to amp up the excitement of the gorgeous sugar rush to come!?

What other entertainingly assemble-able wedding desserts can y'all come up with?

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