Gather ’round and let’s enjoy some wedding wedges

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Some of us get a little shaky on any sort of spiked heel, and wedges can be a great way to get an elevated heel without the ankle-twisting. In addition to being generally more walkable, wedges have the added benefit of being lawn-friendly for those of you having your weddings outdoors — no need to think about sinking up to your ankles in the grass.

This reduced shakiness AND improved grass-walkingness in mind, I'm going to round up some of my very favorite wedge shoes today. Warning: I may have gone a bit overboard. There are a LOT of shoes in here… but if I missed your favorites, leave a comment!


wedding wedge ivory on offbeat bride

wedding wedges ivory on offbeat bride

gold wedges offbeat bride


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Comments on Gather ’round and let’s enjoy some wedding wedges

  1. If you’re not used to heels, don’t think wedges are going to necessarily be your savior. Especially if you’re navigating stairs–they can be trickier than other types of heels. Going from flats to super high wedges is not ideal.

    I wear 4″ + heels on the regular, but I have only jacked up my ankle more than once wearing wedges.

  2. Those purple suede wedges… omfg… please help me out here… I’ve already had my wedding and I can’t afford those purple suede wedges anyway (though I’m SURE they are worth every damn penny) but I started salivating when they scrolled onto my screen (THAT COLOR IS PERFECTION OKAY) so please… please, someone buy them and wear them with a fabulous dress and let me stare at the pictures and live vicariously through you, okay? Thanks.

    And I’ll just go ahead and bookmark them anyway, just in case, because a girl can dream…

    (GAWD… the things some good ol’ shoe porn does for me… oh my damn.)

  3. Ah, wedges, how I love thee! Let me count the ways, increasing like a gentle upward slope, secure like a cute ankle strap…

    Seriously though, bookmarking this post for wardrobe update shopping. I wear heels to work every day and only own two non-wedge pairs. They’re really comfortable for standing tasks, like classroom teaching. I got married and had our two post-wedding parties in purple suede wedges!

  4. Love those gray wedges with the contrast piping! If only they came in tardis blue… Could you do a TARDIS blue shoe roundup?

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