These bilingual wedding programs are awesome in both English AND Catalan

Guest post by Silvia

Silvia is from Barcelona and will be doing the bulk of her ceremony in Catalan. But what about the guests that don't speak that language? That's where her bilingual wedding programs come in…

We're having bilingual wedding programs because some of our friends do not speak Catalan, so we want them to have something to do during the ceremony. I wanted to ask someone to stand next to us with a chalkboard and “translate” what happens (in a short and funny way), but my fiance didn't like it enough. Oh well. This is the compromise.

Inside there's is a FAQ section (inspired by the amazing “So you're going to sit through a wedding” program) and a funny diagram of events. In the back there is a short quiz (including the question “Where does the quote from the cover come from?”).

Aaand, here's the inside of the bilingual wedding program with the text in English, in case you are curious:

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Comments on These bilingual wedding programs are awesome in both English AND Catalan

  1. I love the flow chart! I just finished our wedding programs, and now I’m thinking about redoing them with a flow chart… Well, probably not a good use of my time, but these are awesome! I also love the guest name wordsearch. Good way to get the guests to meet each other. Great job, Silvia!

  2. I really love the idea of putting little crossed-out guest photos next to the foods that person can’t eat. How cute!

  3. These are adorable!

    Also, at first I thought it said, “in English AND Canadian,” which would have looked entirely different. 😉

  4. I’ve been DYING to find some way to incorporate that Princess Bride quote!!!

  5. Love this! I’m getting married to my sevillano boyfriend next summer, and I’m hoping to do a ceremony that incorporates both countries and languages.

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