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March 13 2009 | arielmstallings
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websterFor those of you who haven't noticed, the global economy is currently melting down and while love and weddings are timeless, big expensive wedding rings are becoming increasingly difficult for offbeat couples to fit into their wedding budgets. Ain't no shame: it's just the way things are.

Turtle Love Committee is an independent online jeweler that has embraced the back-to-basics approach, focusing exclusively on non-diamond engagement and wedding rings at prices up to $200. The collection includes a little something for every shade of offbeat: vintage 1920s replicas, classic solitaires and organic and modern pieces. All of the rings in TLC's collection are sterling silver, with semiprecious stones and/or gold accents.

Turtle Love Committee was founded in response to the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) competition among women to have the best or the biggest diamond engagement ring … a Turtle Love Committee engagement ring represents a huge emotional commitment, not a huge financial commitment.

To see a few more of their lovely and affordable styles, keep on reading…




For more information about non-diamond engagement and wedding rings, visit the Turtle Love Committee collection online at

  1. When my husband proposed to me, he gave me a pearl engagement ring. I loved it!
    It was exactly what I wanted. First of all, I love pearls. I think they're beautiful and they're just my favorite. Secondly, we do NOT have a ton of money and I didn't feel right making my hubby go into crazy debt trying to get me some nice diamond. I also can't stand how much of a competition engagement rings have become. I've heard plenty of rings being talked about for not being "big or bright" enough. Pfft..I took myself out of that competition and got something I loved, not something everyone else would love (or not love).

  2. Thanks for this post! It irks me what diamond rings have become in the wedding/marriage market- a di*k measuring contest for girls! It's nice to see beautiful alternatives that any girl should be proud to wear. It's about the love not the rock, right?

  3. I love this post! I do have a diamond, but my fiancee found it on clearance at a jeweler and the only reason we chose this ring is because it is so unique. Thanks for sharing other unique options!

  4. I just read another great article on the price of wedding rings going down because people are looking for low-cost alternatives.

  5. First, I want to clarify that I've got NOTHING against diamonds — my wedding ring features a small diamond that belonged to my grandmother, and I love to watch it sparkle. That said, here's a post that's totally relevant to this discussion: Diamond as dick size.

    • Just "accidentally" leave the window up on the computer while you go to get a drink or something…and then get distracted. 😉

  6. Those are amazing and gorgeous! And I LOVE the packaging on their website!

    I'd so be getting myself one if I hadn't ended up with my mom's vintage rings for free – though I'm tempted to buy one to wear on a different finger… hmmm…

  7. We had big drama over THE RING, but I'm so happy with what we ended up with: for me, a 1.75 carat heart-shaped peridot ring with sterling silver band handmade by Art Wear by Caron on Etsy for about $100 and for him, a 2 carat heart-shaped claddagh ring from Ebay for about $250. Both are beautiful together, and reflect our values that (1) We don't want to get into debt over rings and (2) We are both equally engaged

  8. My FH proposed without a ring, but then the two of us went to pick one out the next day. I found that I hated all the diamond rings I tried on – I could not reconcile the cost, but the settings seemed way too tall off my finger. I told the jewelers I wanted something different and they all just had the same stuff. Then I saw a citrine ring with tiny diamond chip accents on ring itself, for about 1/10th the cost of these diamond rings and I loved it. It was at a local jeweler in my area. The jeweler told us we can trade out the citrine for a diamond, but I think the citrine looks a lot better and we kept it as it was. I love my ring but the jewelers just don't let up.

  9. What great options for wedding rings. Everyone has there own individual tastes, and it's nice to know you don't have to just settle for the traditional gold and diamond ring. Thanks for posting.

  10. Wow even though that is an advertising post, I found it really touching. I fully support the values that Turtle Dove are trying to promote – good on them. Thanks for posting this Ariel!

  11. i LOVE this post. i also LOVE my amethyst engagement ring. the stone was taken from a ring that belonged to my mother before her passing in 2002. it was a total surprize – hubby stole it from my jewelry box!

    but i will admit that when i first got engaged i felt compelled to explain why i didn't have a diamond, "it's a stone from my moms ring, i don't like the oppresive and often times murderous practices that go along with the diamond trade, my favorite color is purple", etc. etc. i was dick measuring.

    but then i realized i don't care. i'm so happy that my husband did what was in his heart and that he listened to me when i spoke about my passionate resistance to blood diamonds.

    i'm also super happy about not inherting (via marriage) a HUGE credit card bill for a piece of stinkin' jewelry.

  12. we LOVE these rings, but i have also read that silver doesn't hold up as well if you plan to a wear a ring every day for years and years. can anyone speak to that?

  13. First, I LOVE these rings. Thanks for posting them.

    Second, my mom is a gemologist, andI've picked up a little random knowledge about jewelry over the years. . . I'ts true that silver is much softer than gold. The semi precious stones used in these rings are also significantly softer than diamonds. That said, if you fall in love with a silver ring or a semi-precious stone, you can make it last by taking extra special care of it. Avoid doing the dishes, playing rugby, swimming etc in your ring, and make sure you have a reputable jeweler inspect it regularly.

    For people who like/want diamonds but want to be sure they're not supporting genocide, there are always Canadian diamonds. Also, many wholesalers and retailers in the American Gym Society have agreed not to purchase or sell conflict diamonds.

  14. Thank you so much for showing non-diamond alternatives. Of all the WIC things that frustrate me, the worst is the assumption that you HAVE to have a diamond engagement ring or you are "cheap." Some people simply do not want diamonds. People ask to see my ring (which is a yogo sapphire- mined in Montana- where my fiance and I met and fell in love) and the most typical reply is "oh" and they change the subject. I love it and I am proud of it and I do not think it warrants pity. Let's not expect diamonds are for everyone!

  15. My man and I are picking out my wedding ring, and these were lovely. It broke my heart that they don't sell size 10…

  16. My man and I picked mine out on amazon. My birthstone is emerald and green happens to be my fav color, so we ended up with a $199 emerald ring with teeny tiny diamonds on both sides. I love it!! And the price!

  17. Thanks so much for posting this!

    My future husband was a jeweler for a brief period of time. He often told me that it is well known in the gem and jewelry industry that diamonds are actually a very common gem. And that rubies and sapphires are actually much more rare than diamonds. But, of course, most jewelers would never tell you this because they wouldn't make any money by revealing the truth about diamonds.

    The De Beers cartel in the 1930's set out to remake the image of diamonds with advertising agency N.W. Ayer. This article and some of my own research was what changed my view of diamonds permanently.

    I love that this site exists to remind us that there are SO many other resources and alternatives to what is typically mass marketed to us as consumers.

  18. this post saved my FH's wallet!!! we are super poor right now, but he wanted something to give me other than his word, so i showed him TLC, and we decided on a small affordable set….omgz, thanks super duper much. :]

  19. Love this post, and love my delicate, tiny sapphire ring. I didn't want to wear two rings after the wedding, and can't imagine spending money on a "rock" ring. We're putting our funds into custom wedding rings with a bit of family-vintage sparkle for me. The engagement ring is something I'll only wear later either on my right hand or to give to a daughter. I did the same thing one commenter did, started by explaining why when I showed off the ring, now I just show it and usually get "lovely," "sweet," or "perfect." And it is.

  20. I didn't get my non-diamond ring from Turtle Love, but I felt the same way about spending a ridiculous amount of money on a super sparkly ring. Plus, I just don't think diamonds are really me anyway. I got a tension set emerald in titanium and I've never seen another ring like it. I absolutely love it! In the name of full-disclosure, I proposed to him and bought us both engagement rings.

  21. My fiance got me a yellow sapphire ring with a palladium band. I also resent the fact that people sometimes judge rings that aren't the norm. Not having a huge diamond does NOT mean your relationship isn't as good, or that your fiance cares less! My parents have been happily married for 25 years, and they got matching sterling silver bands. My fiance's parents recently got a divorce, and his mom had a very big and shiny diamond. The fact that the ring doesn't make the marriage is obvious enough, but you'd think some people didn't grasp that when they belittle a nontraditional ring. The kind of ring you get doesn't matter. All that matters is that both you and your fiance are happy with the ring (and with each other).

    My fiance and I don't have a ton of money, and I felt really bad at the prospect of him spending a ton of money on my engagement ring when we had other more important upcoming costs like grad school and a house. Overall, I'm super happy with my ring. I love that it's different from your average diamond ring. I honestly always wanted something kind of different. Plus, it's gorgeous 🙂

  22. I was looking into a sapphire engagement ring and found white sapphires… they still have a traditional look but it is different and less expensive…..and white sapphires are actually more rare than a diamond

  23. I really loved this website and everything they are trying to do, however my boyfriend called to inquire about engagements rings and they told him they can not guarantee that they stones were responsibly-sourced. We are still looking for rings and it feels it's been hard to find something diiferent, responsible and non-commercial. Any suggestions? Lisa

  24. I am all for stones other than diamonds and even told my fiance that I wouldn't mind a different stone if money was an issue. That being said, I have always wanted a diamond and was thrilled to be given my champagne diamond solitare engagement ring. These articles tend to turn into diamond shaming. I love my diamond!

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