Like playing in your mom's jewelry box, only better: Shopping for engagement rings in Seattle, EraGem-style

Updated Apr 7 2016
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Engagement ring shopping is fun. I mean… I love writing these posts just because I get to pretend engagement ring shop. Even that is awesome. What's even more awesome than (pretend) virtually shopping, is actually going and trying them on — getting to see all the pretty sparkles IRL. Ugh. That's hot.

EraGem is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
If you're shopping for engagement rings in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, our sponsor EraGem can give you that sexy one-two punch of engagement ring shopping.

  1. Virtually shop Seattle engagement rings.
  2. Then go into EraGem's showroom and actually try on your favorites!

In fact, let's do that together! I've rounded up some amazing engagement ring finds that I think y'all need to try on…


Hi, have you seen a stone this color before? It's an super-unique blue-ish green sapphire — perfect for the person who gets bored easily with one color — why not have two!? Someone in the Seattle area needs to head over to EraGem and try this puppy on for me.


Maybe rubies are more your thing? Immerse yourself in EraGem's ruby engagement ring collection, pick your favorites, and then try on all the glittery red gorgeousness until you find the right one.


Once I got to this "icy blue" sapphire art deco ring in my pretend virtual engagement ring shopping spree, I was all, ooooh you know what… I bet going to EraGem's Seattle showroom is like the adult version of getting to play with your mom's jewelry collection. TRY ON ALL THE THINGS! Only it's better than when you were a kid, because when you're done playing, you can actually keep your favorite piece and wear it forever!


EraGem’s showroom is located in Downtown Bellevue, Washington. It's open weekdays from 10am-6pm, and the owners and operators — Michael and Weston — will be waiting for you to come play! Gah, I'm jealous of you Washingtonians. Let me live vicariously though you and go see all the pretties, try them on, and choose your favorite!

  1. I just visited them last week to look at a ring that I love!! (I won't tell you which one, as we haven't purchased it yet and I'd be sad for them to sell it to someone else). The staff was REALLY helpful and let me take my time with the NINE rings I'd asked them to pull for me. Their prices are reasonable. I wouldn't call the location "downtown" as it is across the 405 from "downtown" (kind of behind the Whole Foods and car dealerships). But it is easy to get to from downtown.

    • Checking back in just over a year later. I got a BEAUTIFUL estate sapphire and diamond ring from Eragem. I love it. I wore it for a month before deciding I wanted it resized down just a 1/4 size and they did that with no objection. The sapphire came loose, twice, and they fixed it in less than 24 hours each time– the second time coming up with a more permanent fix. The stone has now held for a year with no problem.

      They really stand behind their products. The ring we bought was on the less expensive side and they still treat me as if I spent millions. I brought my sis-in-law in to look at a pearl necklace. It wasn't exactly what she wanted, but she described the look and price point she's interested in and they are looking for it for her.

      Highly recommend!

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