5 engagement ring style tips from Brilliant Earth featuring their ethical origin jewelry

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Remember when we featured a wedding band style guide from long-time offbeat sponsor Brilliant Earth? They're back with an engagement ring style guide featuring ethical origin jewelry and conflict-free diamond options. But beyond that, this guide also features ultra cool designs to fit your funky style. So, if you're in the market for an engagement ring, you might want to pay attention to these five tips…

Style Tip # 1: Incorporate meaningful symbols into your ring

This is their white gold Luxe Celtic Love Knot Ring with an adorable heart-shaped center stone. This Celtic symbol represents two souls bound by their love, and is complemented by a delicate band of shared prong-set diamond accents. This particular ring is a super sweet twist on traditional Claddagh ring.

Style Tip #2: Rose Gold is an alternative metal that ads a feminine touch

This rose gold beauty is Brilliant Earth's Delicate Antique Scroll Ring with a princess cut diamond. I'm drooling over the diamond accents on the band and getting this ring in rose gold really makes each diamond pop, while still looking softer than yellow gold.

Style Tip #3: Select an antique ring that shows beauty only deepens with the passage of time

Oh man, the Celestina Ring from Brilliant Earth's antique engagement ring collection is my absolute favorite! This uber heavenly ring features an approximately 1.26 carat center diamond (aka big time blingage) in an platinum setting with ornate prongs and an antique-style leaf motif, each leaf holding a single-cut diamond.

Style Tip #4: Incorporate colored sapphires into your engagement ring to add color and flair

Y'all know how much we love sapphire rings up in this bitch. So this style tip is right on par with our beliefs. A signature Brilliant Earth setting, this Halo Diamond Ring has gorgeous diamond accents that add sparkle, while the two side windows show off the sapphire's brilliant facets.

Style tip #5: Use an angular design and a variety of precious gemstone sizes to give your ring a modern feel

The Luxe Diamond Bypass Band from Brilliant Earth's custom engagement ring collection is a great example of a super modern and sleek angular design. The bypass design features five round diamonds of various sizes channel-set between two sculpted waves of precious metal makes it an engagement ring that'll make 'em say WHOA!

So there ya have it — five super useful tips for narrowing down your choices for that one special (ethically sourced!) engagement ring of awesome. Now, with all that knowledge fresh in mind, head over to Brilliant Earth and get to searching!

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Comments on 5 engagement ring style tips from Brilliant Earth featuring their ethical origin jewelry

  1. So many brides to be choose the classical solitaire diamond engagement ring (me being one of them), but these have a lovely twist to the elegant design. I also like how you’ve stayed away from yellow gold in this post and showcased other precious metals instead.

  2. Love these. My only (very small) niggling regret about my engagement ring is that I might have wanted to consider a blue sapphire, my birthstone. But we went the heirloom route, so I have an uber-traditional three-stone diamond engagement ring and matching diamond band. I sort of wish it were a little more unique, but it was my grandmother’s so that makes up for it.
    My mom’s anniversary ring (which she wears in place of her original ring) looks a lot like the last picture. It’s kind of funny that my very conservative mom’s ring is way more modern than mine.

    • I love that you’re wearing your grandmother’s ring! I was hoping to wear an heirloom ring but luckily for me, both grandmothers are still among us and sporting their rings. You can always get a sapphire ring as an anniversary or vow renewal ring. 🙂

  3. I really wanted rose gold but when we were going to get engaged I was offered my grandmother’s original ring instead. Which is amazing because my grandmother was my best friend.

    Also because there was no stones in we did a center stone, traditional, and the side stones peridot. Its just lovely.

  4. I have a halo setting sapphire from Brilliant Earth and LOVE it! Thanks for featuring them! The rings also come with a handy cleaning solution, which is a great benefit. You can only try them on in San Francisco, FYI.

  5. I have their Heirloom ring in white gold, it’s antique-looking enough to stand out without feeling too over the top. I still can’t stop staring at it!

  6. I absolutely LOVE peridot and didnt think I would love anything else until me STAR diamond rocked up! I never thought I would be so lucky! I love stars…I have them tatoo’d on myself for crying out loud…my perfect ring! I love the sapphire and would never have considered rose gold but it looks beautiful and very different! definitely one to consider!

  7. I have a silver claddagh with no stones. Instead of hands, there are Celtic knots on either side. I absolutely love it. It will also be my wedding band.

  8. I love the idea of incorporating symbols: my engagement ring has 24 coloured sapphires arranged in a rainbow, which has always been a Christian symbol of a promise and a covenant. And also…pretty bright rainbow colours. Cause we can’t all be deep and meaningful all the time!

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