Yes there’s whisky, and 4 more reasons you should to elope to Edinburgh

Guest post by Lauren McGlynn
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You guys might remember Edinburgh-based wedding photographer Lauren McGlynn from her amazing work and our copious love for her. It's her FIVE-YEAR anniversary of advertising with us and she's back with some reasons to elope to Edinburgh, Scotland.

I love elopements because they are an adventure and an intimate wedding rolled into one. I can think of no better destination for your elopement than Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh, and here are a few reasons why:

Edinburgh is gorgeous

Nestled between the Firth of Forth and the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh is a stunning city that is rich in both natural wonders and architectural splendor. Want to peruse some mediaeval architecture? Looking to get out in nature? Love to be by the seaside? Whether you're a history buff or an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys cosmopolitan amenities, Edinburgh has something spectacular for you to discover. And it's not just Edinburgh — the whole of Scotland basically has mind-blowing scenery and fairy tale castles on tap.

In Edinburgh, you can have your ceremony anywhere

Much of the UK has strict laws about where and how you can get married, but in Scotland you can have a humanist ceremony anywhere. Humanist ceremonies are perfect for offbeat couples because they are individually tailored to your relationship. If you elope to Edinburgh you can have a lovely humanist ceremony at the top of a giant hill overlooking the city, in an elegant garden at the foot of Edinburgh castle, or on a pristine white sandy beach. Of course, Scotland has a reputation for inclimate weather, so if you'd prefer to play it safe you can always plan your wedding in one Edinburgh's many old and opulent indoor locations with the option of a civil ceremony too.

Scotland has had progressive marriage laws since the 1700s

Ever noticed how young lovers in British period dramas are always almost eloping to Scotland? This plot has famously featured in Jane Austen novels and more recently in Downton Abbey. After the the Marriage Act of 1753, Scotland was the only place in Britain where young couples could marry without parental consent. Even now when couples wed with their parents' blessing, there is a long-held Scottish tradition that they are getting married of their own volition, and that neither party is being “given away.” By eloping to Edinburgh, you will be taking part in a tradition that is both literary and feminist. More recently, Scotland has led the way in the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage, and while civil partnerships have been legal here since 2004, same-sex marriage was passed by the Scottish parliament in February of 2014 and so Edinburgh offers legal weddings for LGBTQ couples, too.

Seal the deal with whisky

Some people do not like whisky, which is something I do not understand as it is a magical elixir of wonderment. If you are with me on team “whisky is amazing,” then Edinburgh is the place for you. Did you know that Scotland is the birthplace of whisky? That is not actually true, but here in Scotland we behave as though it were so. There is a lot of whisky here. There are whisky tours, whisky societies, and too many whisky distilleries to count. There is even a Scottish tradition of sharing whisky from a quaich during your wedding ceremony to symbolize the coming together of two families.

Gorgeous pictures of your Edinburgh elopement taken by me

It just so happens that I, the humble author of this here listicle, am also a wedding photographer with a long-standing affinity for Offbeat Couples. I love you guys, and I want to photograph your Edinburgh elopements. To get this party started, I offer special Edinburgh elopement and tiny wedding packages starting at £600 for weekday weddings, AND if you book your 2014-2015 elopement with me in the next two weeks, I will give you a complimentary pre/post wedding shoot in a fabulous Edinburgh location of your choice.

I've lived in Edinburgh for two years, and in Scotland for four, so I have a fair amount of local knowledge: from amazing local vendor recommendations, to where to get the best coffees and curry, to where to find the most beautiful secret beaches, and more. So come find out a little more about me, take a look at this awesome Edinburgh elopement that I shot earlier this year, and talk to me about your wedding. I will be so excited to photograph your amazing whisky-infused Scottish elopement adventure!

Thanks so much to our longtime friend and sponsor, Lauren McGlynn for sponsoring this post. Go book her right now and you will love her as much as we do.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Lauren, I’m already married but I would totally elope in Edinburgh if I could do it over again. So prettttty.

  2. haaaa!!! I’m so happy I am actually getting married in Edinburgh next year!! And yes, planning an offbeat wedding is so amazing here, and we are definitely having a whisky bar…

  3. Very nice photographic work in the midst of edinburgh’s nature, like it.

  4. I’ve lived in Glasgow for almost my whole life – uni in Dundee, wee bit of time in Fife, otherwise Weegie – and have spent pretty much the entire time wishing I was in Edinburgh instead. Edinburgh, staaahp!

  5. I love that you’ve used the image of Amy and Eric in Stirling. The photos from the day are wonderful. It was a brill wedding to attend 🙂

    • What are you talking about? That’s Edinburgh! 😉 It was a wonderful day. It is my most fantastic “Offbeat Scotland” picture ever. I had to include it, even though it was technically shot a bit further north.

  6. Edinburgh is a beautiful place for wedding got to know from your blog. Kudos! to Lauren for choosing such a Gorgeous location.

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