The offbeat bride: Elisa, Secretary/Adjunct Professor/Grad Student cum Rock Star

Her offbeat partner: Evan, Sound Engineer/Guitar Player

Location & date of wedding: Friend's home in Miami, FL. 2/29/2008

What made our wedding offbeat: Evan and I spent the whole day together with our bridal party, bucking tradition. We also had a Pagan handfasting, complete with broom-jumping. The reception was a BBQ buffet with karaoke and a Super Mario Brothers-themed wedding cake.

Our biggest challenge: With my sister-in-law's wedding two months earlier, many had their opinions on how things just HAD to be done … You can imagine the shrieks when we told them that Evan and I picked out the dress together.

We were the ones paying for it, so everything was taken with a grain of salt. Much of it was kept to ourselves, and we revealed details on a need-to-know basis. That just kept everyone out of our hair.

My favorite moment: I loved how absolutely relaxed everything was, including the ceremony. Our high priest encouraged cheers, laughter, and applause from the crowd at regular intervals, and we were smiling the entire time.

My offbeat advice: Relax. It's really only one day, and it should be a reflection of the both of you as a couple. Just have fun — your marriage isn't going to be doomed if you hang out with the groom, show off those tattoos, or don't wear white.

Enough talk — show me the wedding porn: Dive into Elisa's Leap Day wedding!

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Comments on Elisa’s Leap Day wedding in Miami

  1. “…your marriage isn’t going to be doomed if you hang out with the groom, show off those tattoos, or don’t wear white”

    I second that, sister!

  2. Awesome! I love ya’ll spent the day TOGETHER and totally agree that “…your marriage isn’t going to be doomed if you hang out with the groom…”

    BTW. Love the date, too. I got engaged on Feb. 29. Was 18 mo. anniversary.

  3. My fiance and I have been pretty much deciding everything together too, and I keep my bridesmaids updated on plans etc. but really, it’s just the two of us paying for and deciding on everything. Gabriel has seen every dress I’ve considered and I haven’t told anyone, just to keep them off my back. I’m so excited to hear that I’m not the first one to break that stupid rule about not letting the groom see the bride all in white. Virginity indeed! Ha! ;

  4. My groom also helped me pick out a dress, just as I will probably help him pick out a suit. I like his opinion. 🙂 And I don’t go for the “can’t see the bride before” tradition, which was put in place when you didn’t see your bride or groom at all before the wedding!

  5. I find it interesting how many “traditions” stem from the days when a bride was a piece of property, sold by her male relatives to a man who literally paid for her. We’ve evolved past that definition of marriage but we hold on to all kinds of vestigial reminders of it, and I think it’s weird.

  6. Thank you, Bluey!

    My mother actually made the veil for me. She took some tulle, took a length of lace, hand-beaded it, and (pardon the pun) married the two together.

    She got the lace at Jo-Ann Fabrics!

  7. Thank god- other people that have picked the dress together. People keep looking at me like I’m a complete freak when they find out we chose it together! And… more shock- its red!
    Congrats Elisa- you look amazing

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