Offbeat partners: Jordan & Ryan

Date and location: Skylight Denver Colorado, 12/27/2021

Our elegant weed wedding at a glance:

It was all about moody vibes…Such moody vibes that my dress almost caught fire on the candles lining the aisle! We wanted to throw the high class but punk wedding of our dreams.

Here's an excerpt from our love story which our officiant shared:

Jordan and Ryan have known each other and been friends for 15 years. 15 years!! And it took them this long to get here today. They met in the good old days of Myspace and AIM Messenger! Ryan’s friend was hanging out in a music chat room where he met a friend of Jordan’s who introduced the two of them online when they were kids. Little did they know that that chatroom connection would lead to connecting for the rest of their lives. Jordan was struck by this generous, intellectual, and awkwardly lovely human. Ryan thought that she was tiny but mighty, and loved her quirkiness.

Tell us about the elegant weed wedding ceremony:

Here's a bit from our officiant's ceremony script:

There are certain times when life suddenly seems deep and rich and full… moments when you could almost cue someone with a bullhorn to suddenly announce “If you have ever searched for the meaning of life, stop, here it is.” Times when you sense something profoundly more… something bigger. And often, if we aren’t careful, we can miss them. We run the danger of being unaware and underwhelmed at just truly how amazing everything is and our role in all of this.

But today, we are standing on a threshold. Jordan and Ryan have given us this beautiful opportunity to pause, take a look… and soak all of this in… because this is not just another evening… another couple… just another wedding. Somehow, mysteriously right in front of our eyes today, two people we love and care for will begin a new life and a new story.

And so what is so special about today? What makes today different? What is so special about marriage? Jordan and Ryan, today, it seems to me that you are embarking on a special type of partnership, a partnership of selflessness. An acceptance of the freedom of letting go of who you have been as individuals, and a welcome of who you are becoming as a couple. It might mean the willingness to risk more than you would have been comfortable risking on your own – but just remember, you are a team. I think it involves a willingness to face and own up to your own crappiness, and to know that when you take risks and be vulnerable, you are face to face with someone who deeply, passionately, and extravagantly loves you, just as you are.

And so today marks the continuation of your journey. And so I wish that you can be hopeful, courageous, and joyful in the knowledge that you are on this journey together – this journey of knowing fully, and of being fully known. Today my encouragement to both of you is to continue to tell a compelling story with your lives. To tell the story of love that we desperately need to hear nowadays. That love is in fact resilient, and more powerful than we can possibly imagine.

In addition to my perspective, Ryan and Jordan wanted to bring in some other voices today. Cosmic Love, adapted from Carl Sagan and his wife Ann Druyan.

The size and age of the Cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home. And yet our species is young and curious and brave and shows much promise.

Tell us about the elegant weed wedding reception:

We did a s'mores board! And people kept sneaking off to get high. Also when I tossed the bouquet it was so heavy I fell down!

What was the most important lesson you learned from your elegant weed wedding?

I have severe Bipolar Disorder and I got manic during the lead up to the wedding. Make sure you have some friends you can trust to be your squad, because they helped trick me into drinking less champagne and kept me calm. Also, having a wedding planner helped me so much so I didn't get completely overwhelmed.

The vendors behind this elegant weed wedding:

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