Gwen Stefani meets Grace Kelly with these dresses from Damsel White Label (plus completely re-wearable bridesmaids dresses!)

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ophelia detail

Our sponsor Damsel White Label has a lot of things going for it, and super slick couture style is totally one of them. I mean, let me call attention to the detail in the fabric that you're seeing here — especially at the hem! When I say Gwen Stefani meets Grace Kelly, I'm talking chic white lace peplum, luxe taffeta shiny jewel tones, and vintage-style pencil skirts.

Get ready for more seriously intricate and fabulous details from Damsel White Label.

Jett with detail

Color options are a signature move in this collection. You want non-white, you get non-white. Or embrace the creamy, shimmery-ness of the fit and flare with distressed denim-style detailing above. Print linings are available for some styles, too, which merges that traditional look with your own little unexpected detail. How about a stretch jersey with a chapel train? It'll be completely wrinkle-free right out of a suitcase.


Oh, and custom work? Owner and designer Natalie Harris can make your dreams into reality. Want her Ophelia dress done in a unicorn print? She'll make it happen! Seriously. Natalie's customization options don't just cover color and pattern, either. Want to add a cap sleeve? Lace overlay? No problemo. OH! And for a serious differentiator: plus-size dresses cost the same as non-plus-size dresses. How awesome is that?!


There's also a hyper-adorable collection of bridesmaids dresses called Damsel Maids with the ultimate goal of re-wearability in mind. This emerald green number is luxe taffeta with an open back for mid-century heaven. But let's face it, these little gowns are pretty much ideal for Offbeat Brides, too. City hall weddings, destination elopements, big ol' family weddings, rehearsal dinners, and my living room is where I'd want to sport these.

Poe front and back

All of the creations in the Damsel White Label collection are made in the U.S. (Natalie oversees all production in the factories located in Houston). The collection starts at $899 and custom designs start at $2000. Couture illustration services are also available. Get in touch with Natalie today to start making your gown happen.

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Comments on Gwen Stefani meets Grace Kelly with these dresses from Damsel White Label (plus completely re-wearable bridesmaids dresses!)

  1. These dresses are some sick shit. Like, smash a guitar at your wedding level of awesome!

    • I’m starting to think I need to make a giant poster of quotes from you ladies for store buyers to see at market. They’d never believe me, though! 😉

  2. I tried to click on a dress on their website, and it popped up a thing asking me to log in, and there was no option to back out? Hitting “cancel” just popped it back up. I only got out of there by force-quitting Chrome.

    So, cute stuff, but they maybe need to work on their website.

    • Amanda,
      My apologies; that was a nasty glitch. I had missed correcting the link on the NatalieHarrisDesign page to Damsel Maids, which is where I’m guessing you had the issue. Corrected now. Thank you!

      • I’m afraid the problem still exists – or a variation of it. I clicked over to Damsel Maids, clicked on a dress image, and I am now stuck in an endless loop where it’s telling me to enter a password to view the page, and won’t let me quit. I’m going to have to force-quit Chrome and lose other things I was working on – and frankly, that’s enough to turn me off the label.

        • Rocza,
          I have now overwritten the entire page. I had corrected links to the glitchy page, but they must still be live somewhere, so this solution should be a resolution. My most sincere apologies. Thank you for bringing it to my attention in order to allow me the chance to get it fixed. I wear a lot of hats as an independent designer, and this slipped through the cracks. I would invite you to contact me if you feel like giving me a second try. I’d be delighted to help any way I can.

  3. That Reese dress, it looks like a celebrity showed up at your wedding; just kidding she’s the bride.

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