Offbeat partner: Niya & Tenai

Date and location of wedding: Roostertail, Detroit, MI — 07/30/2021

Our elegant wedding at a glance:

No theme, our colors were navy blue and rose gold though. Our family showed up with our colors on, representing our love! One of the best feelings ever.

Tell us about the ceremony:

Our ceremony was amazing! First of all we are no where near traditional! So, the woman who officiated us was an old co-worker that Niya gained a strong friendship with. Her name is Kim Klenk. She is a God send! It was important for us to have someone marry us that was comfortable with same sex couples.

The day was beautiful, not too hot, just enough sun! After walking down the isle to John Legend – U Move, I Move song (great song, sums up our relationship lol) and then watching my dad give me away to my beautiful wife, I was in tears.

Turning towards our family and friends asking them if they support our union and hearing the crowd go “We do” touched our hearts. Our vows were deep yet simple. We vowed to always care for each other selflessly and love each other endlessly while cherishing each other forever.

Dancing down the isle after being pronounced Mrs. & Mrs. Chaney felt like a barrier has been broken. Even though we always loved each other OUT LOUD and PROUD, this felt confidently official!

Tell us about the reception:

Open bar was a must, of course! We cut our beautiful cake (every other layer was chocolate and triple berry, so yummy by the way) then headed for toasts and speeches.

Even though there was about 7 more speeches that we intended on letting be said, we said “F-it, we're loved” lol. Our little cousin performed such a passionate dance for us and from there, Niya changed into her second look and we all partied like it was 1999!

What was the most important lesson you learned from your elegant Black lesbian love wedding celebration?

Most important lessons:

1. Always remember to take time out for your relationship while in the process of planning. Only talk about the wedding a few days out the week, don't make it your life, it's just a day!

2. Stick to what you and your partner wants, no matter the options of others, this day is to make YOU happy.

3. At the wedding, carve out at least 10 minutes to be in the moment with you and your honey (I call Tenai my honey lol). We promised each other time alone and that doesn't even mean leaving the dance floor. We felt like the only two there just talking to each other and loving on each other saying “We did it baby”.

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