Here's how professionally edited wedding video can be super affordable (& win your own FREE wedding video!)

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Here's how a professionally edited wedding video can be super affordable (& win your own FREE wedding video!)
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Let's face it: whenever we hear a couple's biggest regrets about their wedding, not having wedding videography is almost always included. It's really one of the best ways to truly capture how everything went down on a day where time flies. But it's also one of the more expensive aspects and some of us just can't afford it (no shame in the budget game). Actually, you totally can with our amazing partner, WeddingMix.

WeddingMix allows you to crowdsource wedding video coverage from your guests using a free app (or cameras sent from Wedding Mix!) which is then professionally edited by WeddingMix editors into a complete wedding video! You know your guests are going to be using their phones to film moments anyway, you may as well find a way to harness it into something amazing, right?

The process with WeddingMix is nothing new to a lot of our readers (they LOVE it!), but there ARE some new features I want to show you and… get this… a way to win a FREE wedding video. Keep scrolling to learn how…

Here's how a professionally edited wedding video can be super affordable (& win your own FREE wedding video!)

What's new & awesome with WeddingMix?

The folks at WeddingMix are constantly improving the process and adding more features with lower pricing and simplified packages. Their packages start at $199 (which is a STEAL compared to traditional videography!) and all but one package includes both a highlight and a feature video. You also get unlimited usage of the free WeddingMix app to capture footage, a gallery for sharing, 12 months of storage, and use of a wireless sound recorder to capture all the vows and speeches. You can pick a package that uses just your own cameras and GoPros or you can get them sent to you from WeddingMix for a really profesh look.

How about some examples?

Notice how they add editing, music, even still photos from the day!

But I bet you're most interested in this free wedding video contest, right? Let's get to it…

Win your wedding video contest!

Win your wedding video from WeddingMix!

• Use the free WeddingMix app and your cameras to capture every amazing memory from your showers, DIY projects, and rehearsal, all the way through the honeymoon.

• WeddingMix will professionally edit both a highlight video and 10-minute feature video version.

• For the wedding weekend, we'll ship you a sound recorder for the vows/toasts (which we'll use in a gorgeous voiceover) and a selfie stick for super fun reception shots.

Package includes:

  • Professionally edited highlight video to easily share on social media
  • Unlimited use of the app to film photos and short video clips
  • All the raw footage/photos
  • Gallery to share it all
  • Three-day rental of voice recorder, selfie stick, and GoPro tripod mount
  • 10-minute edited video on DVD/download where you get to pick your favorite scenes/up to 50 photos to include in the edit

Enter to win this killer package here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's how a professionally edited wedding video can be super affordable (& win your own FREE wedding video!)

Does it work for couples?

Want some proof that this totally works? Here are some words from WeddingMix's clients…

"I stumbled upon WeddingMix during our planning and am so glad I did! I made an error shipping the box to my home rather than the wedding address and customer service made the change quickly and easily. I am SO GLAD we decided to do a "homemade" video — it felt very personal and everyone had fun, and knowing other people were taking pictures and video allowed me as the bride to relax and enjoy the day.

The editing and editors were very helpful and made all the changes I requested (and it is easy to incorporate professional photos and personal photos!). I am so thankful we decided to do this and have a video we can watch every year. You will not regret this decision, I know I don't! Videos capture an essence of the day that photos cannot, and having this made our day that much more special. Thank you, WeddingMix!" – Laura, married 8/16/17

"We are so glad we used WeddingMix for our videography. The price was unbeatable and the customer service was amazing! I was so anxious to see the footage and the turnaround time was great. I will definitely be referring my friends to WeddingMix!" – Aubrey, married 12/2/17

Here's how a professionally edited wedding video can be super affordable (& win your own FREE wedding video!)

Are you ready to get wedding video at a tiny fraction of the price you'd usually have to pay? You don't need to regret not getting video coverage of the day in a very shareable format that you can revisit foooorever. Plus, you'll get those moments that only your friends and family would be able to capture because they know you so well.

Go see what WeddingMix is all about and definitely don't forget to enter to win your wedding video!

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