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YOU KNOW IT'S AN OFFBEAT WEDDING WHEN… The bride has an awesome multi-colored dress.
I'll let you in on a little secret: I only have ONE photographer on my RSS feed, and that photographer is our sponsor Lauren McGlynn (or as I call her — Lala McG).

And you know what I love about keeping up with her wedding photography blog? I can always tell when it's an Offbeat Bride wedding. I see the first photo and think YES! They're one of ours. Scroll scroll scroll. BOOM! There's her special “Offbeat Bride” tag.

The combo of offbeat couples and Lauren McGlynn never fails to make my day.

Come, let's look at my favorite “oh this is TOTALLY an Offbeat Bride wedding” images from Lauren McGlynn, while I gush about her skillz and hook you up with her special discount…

…You have a harpist, but she has bright orange hair.

If you read Offbeat Bride you've probably seen Lala McG Lauren McGlynn — I've gushed about her many times before, as well as featured her Golden Soul Love Shakedown, UK game-playing wedding and Scottish garden wedding. Yeah, we loves us some Lauren. And she loves her some YOU:

I heart my Offbeat Brides. They are some of my most favorite clients. We always get along swimmingly, I always have a great time photographing their weddings, and I LOVE working with couples who have something a little different in mind.
…The bride does the groom's makeup.

Lauren specializes in unobtrusive candid reportage style photography, she has a way of capturing real life moments in a way I have rarely seen wedding photographers do. This is why I follow her work so closely. She's also a freaking genius at creative portraits, and capturing details, but it's her special eye for those intimate moments that makes Lauren one of my favorites.

…The cuteness of the kilted groom is only to be outdone by the owl ring bearer.

I mean, that owl and groom photo right there made my day the moment I saw it. Since Lauren and her business made the move to Edinburgh, Scotland, I have become beyond jealous of all her Scottish couples with their be-kilted grooms. Edinburgh couples — you've GOT to do me a favor and put “hire Lauren McGlynn” on your list BEFORE “find sexy-ass kilt.”

…Have a sci-fi wedding and make it too easy for your photographer to take the nerdiest awesomest show detail shots, like this.

Lauren is already flexible about working with couples on a budget, but to sweeten the deal she's throwing in this special Offbeat Bride discount:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Lauren McGlynn is offering a 10% discount to everyone who books her by October 14th, 2012. Just mention that you saw this post on Offbeat Bride!

I am a greedy McBlogger and I demand MORE Offbeat Bride weddings on Lauren's blog. So hook up with Lauren McGlynn and build her Offbeat Bride tag to the fucking SKY! Oh, and get you some amazeball wedding images NOT to be topped too.

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  1. ++1 to the above. She is awesome. There are two photos there from our wedding and the others are just as fantastic.

  2. I am so pleased we hired Lauren to take our wedding photos last year: she was actually AMAZING. Her pictures are outstanding, of course (anyone can see that); but on top of that she is a super awesome person to have around on your wedding day – and in the build up to it. She is wise, and calm, and brilliant. Nuff said really. Book her!

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