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I admit it, picking the perfect favors for our weirdo beach wedding was one of my favorite things about planning. I love giving gifts AND I loved using it as a way to enhance the shark theme of our wedding. So I thought I'd help ya'll out by writing a series of posts on finding the perfect wedding favors. Now, of course, with anything on Offbeat Bride, it's all optional! Favors are not by any means necessary, but they can be fun if you find the right stuff.

By far my favorite wedding favors have been the edible ones. Mostly because they don't add to the cluttered mess of my apartment, the last thing I need is more stuff. But the very best part about edible wedding favors is that yummy treats can appeal to almost everyone. Here are a few of my favorites…

Wedding Favours

Jellies and jams and honey. This is a great option if you are a.) any good at preserving; b.) having a wedding on a farm; or c.) are cursed with a bee infestation. Plus little jars of sweet stuff are adorable and easy to decorate. If you find that you aren't blessed with the talent of preserving, Amazon offers pre-canned jams and jellies and all the supplies.

[related-post align=”right”]Having a beach wedding? You can make your own bottles of sea salt. I once threw a wedding shower for a girl friend who was getting married on the beach so I thought that “sea salt” favors would be appropriate — I followed this Martha Stewart tutorial for making rosemary sea salt — it was a hit.

Chocolates! The great thing about chocolate (you know, besides the yumminess factor) is that you can easily shape your chocolate favors to match your theme — for example these Lego chocolate favors.

Old Fashioned Candy Table

Host a candy bar. This is easy, a total crowd pleaser and also visually stunning. Purchase bags of m&ms, jelly beansrock candy, salt water taffy, Hershey kisses, lollipops, etc., set 'em up in pretty candy jars and then provide bags for your guests to fill with their favorite candies.

Cupcakes. This is easy if you're serving cupcakes instead of a wedding cake… get ahold of small, individual boxes or cellophane bags and send guests home with their own cupcake.

While we're still talking about sweet things, what about caramelized or chocolate covered apples.

Fortune cookies with custom fortunes. I love the fact that this favor is not only yummy, but can also be interactive!

Pettersson's Celebration Ale

Home-brewed wedding beer. If there are any home-brewers out there this would be perfect. Take inspiration from OBT member Angie's home-brewed beer favors.

Bags or boxes of loose tea, perfect for “tea party” wedding favors. I've also recently become obsessed with Jasmine lotus balls since I saw something about them in Sky Mall (no joke) and I loved that Tribe member Essie gave them out at her tea party wedding.

Mints. Easy-peasy and you can always use the ever popular “mint to be.” Plus you can find or decorate tins to match any wedding aesthetic, for example these Nintendo mints, pirate mints, and mints in modern colors.

Location specific treats would be great for destination weddings or as a way to stimulate the local economy. Having a wedding in Canada or New England? What about maple syrup. A wedding in Seattle or Hawaii? Give your guests great local coffee! San Francisco wedding? What about Ghirardelli chocolates?

If you're having a fall wedding and you're decorating with pumpkins, think about seasoning and baking the pumpkin seeds to give as your favors. Home-made with love and tasty!

Any of you treat-savvy Offbeat Brides out there have any more suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments!

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Comments on Yummy wedding favors to please ’em all

  1. We’re gonna do rock candy in yellow (Lemon) and blue (blue raspberry). Its not quite turquoise, but its pretty close!

    Who doesn’t like sugar on a stick?!

  2. Our theme is everything super-local, and the factory that makes that famous brand of sriracha sauce with the rooster on it is 10 miles from our house (and not actually in Vietnam, sorry to disabuse that notion). The boy LOVES all things chili related, so we are doing bottles of the sriracha with customized labels. Super cheap, too!

  3. I have to admit I like the idea I saw in a wedding magazine – sticks of rock with your names down the middle, in any flavour and colours you want! (Mainly I just like sticks of rock.)

    But I love baking so depending on practicality I might make something. Possibly brownies if I can get his mum to believe home made ones don’t have to have ‘special ingredients’!

    I love some of the ideas here though. Especially home made beer or maple syrup.

      • Seriously, she kept going on and on about how we shouldn’t eat too many at once. I thought she was just worried about the sugar but it turned out she thought the only reason for making your own was to add ‘things’ you can’t get in the shops.

        • Hmm, my in-laws offered to make brownies for my “rehearsal lunch,” and I know my father-in-law…has certain preferences. I guess I guess that’s one way to get the family members to relax around each other!

  4. We went local with ours. I had a Detroit theme (landmark table numbers, etc). So for favors I got Saunders chocolates and chocolate covered Better Made Potato Chips. Everyone loved them and the best part? Buying too much and getting to eat the rest!

  5. I’m getting married on Saturday (!!!), and I just got my wedding favors figured out. I decided to combine the favors and the table centerpieces, I’m making miniature baskets with helium balloons draped in fabric tied with string to them (an idea I saw on another OBB post!), and filling the baskets with Lindt and Ferrero Rocher truffles! I got them at Costco, 100 truffles for $20, which was an enormous relief as I have no more wedding budget to speak of. We were going to do Cadbury eggs to go with the Easter weekend thing, but there were none at Costco, and those little suckers are EXPENNNSIVE otherwise.

    • omigosh, cadbury eggs? YUMMMM both kinds too 😉 but truffles sound just as spendid!
      Oh and yea, just realized this post was from 3 YEARS ago! sorry

  6. I’ve made little bags of ‘lentil curry kits’ to my mum’s recipe. I’m half Sri Lankan so this really honours that part of me and makes me proud that people will be making it at home. I basically have put everything in a cellophane candy bag and all the guests have to do is tip it into a pan, add water and cook for 30 mins. You could do this with any family recipe that’s important to you.

  7. My parents did up about 80 jars of pickles last summer for our favors. I can’t decide if our guests are going to think that is awesome or weird, but we really love pickles!

  8. I’m not a big fan of favors but my fiance wanted them very, very badly so we compromised on gummy bears in mini-takeout boxes. Gummy bears have been his favorite since he was a child and everyone who knows him well knows it, so it’s a very personal gift for him.

    On my more practical end, people will eat them, they’re cheap, he can assemble them without my input, and if we have leftovers we have LEFTOVER GUMMY BEARS instead of tiny ceramic knickknacks.

  9. We’re doing little envelopes of seeds, probably basil or a mix of herbs. Small, portable, usable, edible!

    • I was thinking of doing this as well! At first I tried to find native wildflower seeds but (a) many wildflower seed mixes contain invasive species, and (b) we have guests coming from a few different regions, so the native wildflower seeds may not grow for everyone!
      i like the idea of the herbs, though. Are you filling up your own little envelopes? vellum envelopes might work well.

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