Eco-friendly wedding invitations from Twisted Limb Paperworks

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hmcircleptIf you're looking for the perfect green/recycled wedding invitations for your eco wedding, you must go check out the custom handmade 100% recycled paper, invitations, thank you notes, and guest books from Indiana's super-green indie-biz, Twisted Limb Paperworks.

wrapinviteptIt's hard to beat Twisted Limb's eco-pedigree: their textured papers are made using recycled office paper, grass cuttings, organically grown ferns, and water recycled. They work out of a carbon neutral facility near Bloomington, Indiana in a woodland studio. Over a fifth of their profits are donated to environmental and community groups. Added bonus: I kind of want to be best friends with the whole staff!

tl52-leaf-panels-4x9-3-smAll Twisted Limb's invitation styles are offered in three forms–DIY Kit, You Assemble, and Fully Assembled. They have a ton of wedding invitation options (they claim “literally four trillion combinations!”) and also do other wedding stuff like guestbooks, favors, programs and menus.

tl110-foldup-orig-bluegrass-olive-2-smNot only are they greener than green, but they explain, “We acknowledge with reverence and revelry every celebration of love and commitment and enjoy working with both straight and same sex couples.” They also have a whole section of their website dedicated to great green wedding ideas.

tl57-pocketfoldup-panel-original-handaddress-3-smSo if you want your wedding invitations to be sustainable and eco-friendly, and crafted by sweet, eco-friendly artisans in Indiana instead of malnourished child-slaves in some factory somewhere in Asia … get thee to Twisted Limb Paperworks!

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Comments on Eco-friendly wedding invitations from Twisted Limb Paperworks

  1. Twisted Limb is awesome! They made our invitations, thank yous, and guest book and they were all beautiful.

  2. I love Twisted Limb! They did our invitations and people can’t stop talking about how unique and beautiful they are! Best part is, they’re 100% recycled & tree-free paper. Our guests can even plant our invitations and wildflowers will grow! I love that!

  3. Yay! Twisted Limb! I wanted my invites done here, not only because they are gorgeous and totaly eco friendly, but because they are local and I could actually work with real people…but alas, they are expensive. But I must say, it feels good to see something cool being posted from my region in Indiana!

  4. Hi! I just checked out their invites, as we are still in the leisurely unplanned stage of our wedding-to-be.
    Now, admittedly, I’m pretty bleary-eyed from a crazy day at work, but it looks like the DIY invites are amazingly affordable.
    Here’s a cut-and-paste right from their Web site:

    Assembly Kits good for up to 150 invitations:

    For panel, double panel, fold-over, and sidebar styles: $14.95
    (Save $6-$30 depending upon number of invitations you need to make.)

    * Spool of sheer organdy ribbon
    * 1/8 inch hole punch

    For original fold-up styles: $17.50
    (Save $8-$33 depending upon number of invitations you need to make.)

    * Spool of sheer organdy ribbon
    * 300 yard spool of thread
    * 1/8 inch hole punch

    So, if you’re feeling crafty (hah!), here’s a good way to be green for cheap (not always two words that go together).

  5. Twisted Limb did our invites and guest book as well. We are so pleased with how they turned out. We mailed them out last week and we’ve been getting calls about how lovely, unique, personal, and beautiful they are.

    The staff who works there is great, there ARE a ton of options in the look and DIY-ness of your invites (from none to all), and you get to work with a graphic designer (Dana) to ensure your invites are unique. We were really happy to work with a small, responsible company who has such gorgeous products that live up to all our expectations.

    I would highly recommend this company to anyone who would like beautiful, handmade invitations that are also good for the environment. And they embedded wildflower seeds in our invites! There are a pretty wide range of prices for all budgets; everyone should give them a look. If you order other wedding stuff from them–guest book, thank yous, favors, programs, etc–they’ll give you 15%.

  6. Wow, those are gorgeous, and wow, those are expensive. I understand that a LOT of work goes into making them green and beautiful, but I can’t afford $3.00 an invitation, especially if they’ll then need hand folded, holes punched, ribbons tied, etc. Why does being environmentally friendly have to be so damnably pricey? Yeah, I know, see sentence #2 above.

  7. I used to work there and I can say I love them all! Hip Hip Hooray for Twisted Limb!

  8. they made our invites, which are truly beautiful and give a great sense of our event…. very holistic, simple, elegant and unique. many of our invitees have commented on how special they are, and we chose a very simple 4×9 panel invite… happy to see them get special mention here!

  9. Twisted Limb did invites for my wedding too, and our thank you notes, table favors, name cards. Guests just gushed–that's the best way to put it. Behind-the-scenes, one word: delightful!! Thanks for including them here.

  10. I love these invitations – they are so unique and beautiful. I also like how you have the choice to assemble them yourself.

  11. Twisted Limb did a marvelous job on our wedding invitations! They were unique, beautiful and gave the handcrafted feel we were looking for. We went for fully assembled with calligraphy which turned out superbly, however the DIY options are plentiful if you’re on a tighter budget.

    The main reason we went with them, however, was the service. Couldn’t have asked for a more friendly, professional and personalised experience. It really took the stress out of the process, particularly since we are based in Australia! I would highly recommend them, to international customers or otherwise.

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