Seriously stress-free honeymoon registries from Traveler's Joy

Updated Oct 12 2015
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We've told you guys about our sponsor Traveler's Joy before. But now they're back with new features that take registering for your honeymoon point-and-click easy.

As always, you can easily set up a registry page and give your guests a list of honeymoon-based gifts and activities that they can contribute towards. For a lot of you, this is more useful than a second blender.

As always, you can collect your gifts at any time by requesting a bank check or transfer.

But now, Traveler's Joy has gone and added two brand new and super-nifty features…

The first new feature is Instant Registry functionality. Their Instant Registry feature allows you to complete your registry in minutes by choosing from a list of pre-made, theme-based (think: beach, cruise, mountains) or location-specific (think: Italy, St. Lucia) registries. AND they have, on file, over forty of the top honeymoon destinations in the world! That's some seriously convenient shit!

They have another new feature that makes it really easy to divide the cost of expensive items into manageable gift chunks. So a camera that may cost $500 is actually spit up into five gifts of $100 — way more friendly and less heart attack-inducing for your guests. 😉

Basically, if you want a honeymoon registry that will take care of the registering for you, head over to Traveler's Joy and have a stress-free registry experience AND honeymoon!

  1. I used them for my wedding, and was not only pleased with how EASY it was, but surprised at how many people used it. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and were so enthusiastic to contribute to our honeymoon! It was great!

    • I wasn't changing my name. However, I generally think you put your maiden name on registries so people can find you by both last names.
      – Becca

  2. We used Traveler's Joy for our wedding registry, and it was great. You can put descriptions for each of the gifts, which I found really fun because I could make jokes. For example, we registered for Coffee money, and I said something like, "[husband] needs his security blanket, and by that we mean coffee". It was fun to put the registry together, and I would recommend TJ to anyone!

  3. I just set my registry up and am so excited about it! Such a fantastic idea – I would never have thought to do this!

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