Earrings for brides with stretched lobes

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I have stretched earlobes, 2G to be precise. Not as big as they could be, but they're definitely not bridal-jewelry accessible. Even though my ears are larger-than-the-average-bride, I want to play with the wedding bling too! i've seen some beautiful large-gauged fancy filigree, and diamond studded plugs online, but I've yet to find anything that really looks “wedding day” to me. have you run into any other large-gauged brides who've faced this issue and succeeded fabulously? i'm desperate for some inspiration! -Laura Sina

I love it when I get questions that other people have already answered for me. There's a whole discussion happening right now on the OBT about earrings for stretched lobes — and I figured I'd borrow some of my favorite answers from there to share, plus some of my own findings.

Even if you're not wearing white, bone might be a good bet for wedding wear.

Check out the gorgeousness that Kirsten wore to her wedding:

These bone swans would be lovely and simple:

These are ridiculously expensive, but aren't they gorgeous?

If you don't want to go bone, I have to admit that I do like the blingy plugs:

Then there are these awwwww-inducing sweetheart plugs:

Pretty opalite tigerlilies:

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  1. This is great! My ears have closed down from a 0g but they didn’t close all the way. I am constantly struggling with the earrings I want to wear. I always weigh my ears down and accentuate the droopy holes. Apparently I’m just wearing the wrong kind. Thanks for pointing out the elegant side of gauged ears.

  2. I had the same issue. I ended up buying 2 sets of the same earrings. One in white and one in black . They are sort of a cross between the first and last pairs. They are incredibly light weight and the white ones are particularly nice in the way they age.

  3. One of my bridesmaids is wearing blingy plugs for my wedding and I LOVE them, i’m trying to find something big and blingy for the other girls too!

  4. I really want the heart plugs. They’ll go so well with my pink & red & black scheme. xo

  5. I really wish I could wear a nice set of plugs, I’ve only got one ear stretched though and because of it I’ve removed the jewellery so it would shrink down, now Im kicking myself doh!

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