Ear cuffs need a revival: fantasy elf ears and rainbow feathers

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I was coveting these fantastic elf ear cuffs on Pinterest, and at the same time Megan found them on the Tribe! You guys are always finding the cool stuff. But it made me think: what the hell is happening with ear cuffs these days, and why isn't everyone wearing them?

Here are a few selections to whet your appetite for amazing ear decor:

Has anyone been rockin' the cuff lately? Anyone planning on nabbing one for their wedding ensemble?

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Comments on Ear cuffs need a revival: fantasy elf ears and rainbow feathers

  1. This isn’t really an entirely related answer, but I have a three point helix/”coil” in my right ear that I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a little fancier for my silvery/sparkly festival wedding… something along these lines or with More Shiny would be awesome! I do love those peacock feathers, though…

  2. thank you so much for featuring my rainbow cuff! i really like the steampunk one up there too, its so cool.

  3. I have several small ear cuffs in a drawer that are just biding their time… 🙂 The most adventerous one is a little gold man who looks like he’s climbing up the back of my ear. I think if I had the rainbow feather one I would wear it every day and MAKE the trend come back!

  4. That’s me in the first photo with the cooper faery ear cuff! Alanya was such a great sport in making these! I bought two copper pair with different stones in each. I wear them often and always get compliments. I’m not so big on the latest trends, but my faery ears make people smile and a smile is always a good style choice 🙂

  5. I wore a cuff at our handfast, with a matching hair comb, and gave them to my bridemaids as gifts. BUT…gotta say, the elf ears are uber lush. Heart me some of those babies!!!

  6. I recognize those first ones. They’re killer-amazing but out of my price range of “just because they look cool” shopping splurges. There’s a seller on Etsy that makes really colorful ones with tiny leaves on them, too. I’m saving for a purple pair. 🙂

  7. Ooh yeah, so pretty.

    For readers in the UK, New Moon Occult Shop is a good place to look for these; they have them listed as “earwraps”. This is the link:


    but if it doesn’t work, google the above name. The nicest ones are megapricey (by my standards, anyway!), but they’re good inspiration for crafters too.

  8. It made me sad that one of the artists had to ask people to not directly copy her designs. Shame on people stealing her work : P

  9. Woah, amazing! The peacock feather one is rocking me. Can anyone say ‘fascinator replacement’? *inspired*

  10. I LOVE EARCUFFS! I have never pierced my ears (personal reasons) but have always been jealous of some of the amazing earrings you can get. And then I discovered ear cuffs and I could have the amazing too!! Ren Faires are some of the best places to get them – I have an ear wrap that’s a dragon crawling over my ear, and it’s stunning and awesome and love love love this post! 🙂

  11. Is there a video or something somewhere about how to make those wire elf ears?

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