Drool-worthy gowns

February 6 2007 | arielmstallings

purple weddingMy taste in wedding gowns tends toward the theatrical, and that goes a long way towards explaining why I just spent half an hour drooling over the couture gowns at Uptight Clothing. WOW. The photos in the Real Brides section make me want get married five more times, dressed in varying degrees of queenly regalia like this or this or this.

The prices are very high (especially with the pound-to-dollar exchange rate), but if your tastes run towards the fairy/goth/costumey, Uptight Clothing is a site well-worth perusing for inspiration. And hey: if you've got $6k to spend on a dress (reality check: that was the cost of my entire wedding!) then for godsake: get something like this!

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  2. Naw Ariel – you don't need to get married again; you just need to find a Renaissance Fest in your area. Perfect excuse for a new princess/queen dress every year! And you never know: capes may be thrown over puddles JUST FOR YOU! Now what I'm looking for is a 'do-over' for Prom. I'm hoping my Engagement Party will fill the bill!!

  3. I have been ogling these dresses for over 8 years now, after I found them hunting for my own wedding dress, and they are all stunning. If I has had a budget which would have bought me one of these dresses, you could be damn sure I'd have bought one. Janice is by all accounts a complete dream to work with!
    I still plan to buy one, one day…… maybe 25th Anniversary or something?!

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