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There were loads of lovely dresses in the Offbeat Flickr Pool, the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and Pinterest this week. Sparkles, short and pink, elegant black, and giant flowers were the stand-outs. But that's not all: we also have an adorable ring bearer, “yay” flags, a Princess Bride cake, and another Bridethulhu sighting out in the wild.

darceyandandy (55) darceyandandy (252) DSC_0902 246450_10151224588969097_837703698_n 019 029b Princess Bride Groom's Cake From Coccadott's Albany, NY One of our ring bearers in suspenders & bow tie
BONUS PHOTO: Tribesmaid Littleorangemonkeys battling her inner Bridethulhu at her rehearsal. It looks like she's doing a pretty good job of keeping it in control. Get your shirt here.

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photography: Pink Light Images

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Comments on Loads of dresses, a Princess Bride cake, and a Bridethulhu sighting

    • Actually, it was taken at a bed and breakfast in South Lousiana 🙂 I’m so excited that two of my pics made it up here <3

  1. OK. So. I really need to know where Kendall got her dress and Littleorangemonkeys got her feather bouquet plskthx.

  2. What’s with the invasive ads popping up directly on top of many of the photos? I iz sad. 🙁

  3. Hey! That’s me!
    The peacock fan was made by Etsy seller Ivyndell
    She also made three bridesmaids bouquets, my hair piece, the bridesmaids’ hair pieces, and the boys’ boutonniere. Basically all I did was send her pictures of the bridesmaids dresses and she picked the colors herself. They turned out FANTASTICALLY!

  4. the peacock feather bouquet is soooo yummy i could eat it with a spoon,and truly stunning dresses ladies

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