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I have to start here with a big huge snorgly hug for Offbeat Bride Tribe member Inuyatta, who wrote a post on the Tribe about her Jujubee-inspired DIY wedding shoes. Drag queens really do have some extra taste in over-the-top footwear, and today I celebrate not the flats, not the comfort shoes, not the understated vintage-inspired kitten heels… but the huge, the tall, the over-embellished, and over-the-top… including some styles from RuPaul’s own line.

Wonderland Wedge - Light Blue

Patriotic Pump - Red Blue Silver
Corset Bow Peep Toe - Leopard Black
Roxxy Heel - Black
SB Kiss - Champagne
Royal Hearts - Turquoise
Honor - Silver Metal
Faricia - Powder Irrid Suede
Vow - Ivory Fabric
Tinseltown - B Pink Rhinestone
Vise - Fuchsia
Blondie - Purple
SB Altar - Silver
SB Shine - Champ Fabric
Gown - Silver Metal

Random bonus shoe

Cottontail Twinkle Heel

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Comments on Drag queen-inspired wedding shoes

  1. I have a few of the pairs shown, along with a few other ridiculous drag shoes, and I -love- them. Nothing quite like jazzing up a plain black dress with a pop of glitter and rhinestones!
    (But having said that, I bedazzle things and make costumes for drag shows as part of my job, so I guess I was always bound to either love or hate sparkles)

  2. I wore rhinestone encrusted Betsey Johnson platform shoes for my wedding. So awesome. Of course, I wore them for the grand total of an hour before I said ‘OOOOW fuck this’ and switched them to the matching flats…my husband thought I was about to faint during the ceremony because I was shifting on my feet trying to remove the pain. But BEAUTIMOUS SHOES were worth it.

    Also I now want to have those ‘Patriotic Pumps’ because hello Captain America.

    • YES! I am head over heels for these Betsey Johnson’s! My dress is (a little non-traditional and completely spectacular and also) COVERED in those same bluish metallic rhinestones. I’ve been really debating what kind of shoes to wear, and I’m wondering if these would have a nice almost-neutral-but-not-too-matchy type of vibe? I should probably do more of a wedge or a non-stilleto stacked heel for comforts sake, but these are just so beautiful.
      Also, ditto how much perfection is contained in the patriotic selection, which are probably the most fun shoe ever made. LOVE!

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