A Dr. Seuss wedding in a Philadelphia cemetery

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Chris Wolfgang
Photos by Alix Passage and second shooter, Black White & Raw Photography

Certain words come to mind when you think "Dr. Seuss." Whimsical, definitely. Colorful, for sure. Adventurous. Lighthearted. Fun as all get-out. Each one of these descriptions fits Katelyn and Steve's Philadelphia wedding to perfection. I mean, just look at Katelyn's shoes — those have to be hand-decorated, right? How amazing are they? This Dr. Seuss-themed event covered it all: book titles as escort cards, Truffula trees for centerpieces everywhere, and am I seeing a guest with a genuine Lorax mustache? Please tell me he did that just for the wedding. Please.

What's that? You want more bad-ass-ness? WELL. Katelyn and Steve set up their Dr. Seuss wonderland in West Laurel Hill, which happens to be one of Pennsylvania’s most historic cemeteries. Bad-ass-ness assured.




















You can see more photos here.


Photography: Alix Passage • Second shooter: Black White & Raw PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them • Venue: Laurel Hill Cemetery • Dress: Janice Martin Couture

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  1. Wouldn't normally put Dr. Seuss and a cemetery together but the result was pretty cool. LOVE her dress too.

  2. Love her pink wedding dress and her flowered shoes!! The candy bar table looks yummy… and great wedding cake stand too!! Congratulations to the couple!!

  3. SO-SO-SO gorgeous and I am officially obsessed with those AMAZING Earrings!! has anyone google-fu'd them?

  4. The first movie the FH and I ever saw together was the Lorax… we weren't there together… We were both the guests of a friend who'd gotten a stack of tix to the sneak preview. That was the day we met. I will have an M&Ms Lorax!

  5. Just curious as to why a cemetary )other than the beautiful backdrops of old graves and landscaping)? Would this offend people going to pay respects to relatives during the event? Curious as to how grieving people would recieve this and how the event would respect these families.

  6. Hey Marilyn,

    I'm one of the photographers for this wedding. As it was explained to me by Laurel Hill Cemetary, the area of the event is in a historic area of the cemetery which is one of the oldest in the country, and in most cases there is no remaining family to reach out to. The events are held after the cemetary is closed for business hours, and the tents put up in a fairly remote location. The "Receiving Vaults" where the group photos were taken, are all just empty buildings used for storage.

  7. Oh wow, I live down the street from her dressmaker! It is even better on a person, and not the dress form– what a lovely wedding.

  8. You had Tastykakes!
    I half-joked to the future hubby that if our cake fell through we should make a Tastykake sculpture with a cake topper on it. He is now almost serious about that.

  9. OMG OMG! I would not have imagined such class in a children's book themed wedding. Artfully put together. I love it!

    • Hi, AC! We try to credit every vendor included in the information we get with the wedding submission. A lot of our photogs love their second shooters and want to give them kudos. We agree!

  10. Beautiful bride and wedding, and I love the theme!

    Having just lost my mom last year, your memorial table quotation just made me cry. Thank-you.

  11. Did anyone else notice in his shirt pocket? That's awesome! (Though personally I would have put a Wocket in it…)

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