Super convenient door hanger idea — who knew?

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Door hanger by Etsy seller TheStylishScribe.
Thanks to Tribe member sarahp for bringing this idea to my attention. Sarah DIYed door hangers to serve as room assignments at the hotel she booked for her guests.

When thinking about it, it's a particularly good idea if you have rented out, say, an entire bed and breakfast and you want to reserve particular rooms for particular guests. For example, the groom's brother and and sister-in-law with the brand new baby get the room with some extra space for a crib, and your Maid of Honor gets the room next to yours so she's available for late night freak-outs. Meanwhile, your aunt gets the room furthest away from everyone because she snores like a Boeing 747.

Here's what Sarah came up with for DIY door hangers, along with some other wedding-related door hanger ideas that I found on the internets.

Sarah explains, “These were super simple. The paper is 8.5×11 cover paper in clover color from Paper Source. I made a word document with people's names in two columns and printed it on the paper. I cut the paper in half and cut out the door hanger part free-hand. Then I stuck on the stickers, which are also from the Paper Source. The colors and flowers fit our theme, and I think they're a nice little touch that will make people feel welcome. I know it's probably not necessary, but it was fun!”

If you don't want yet another DIY project, Etsy seller TheStylishScribe makes these wedding guest door hangers:

Photo from Etsy seller TheStylishScribe.

I love the idea of putting your guest names on one side, for when they first arrive and then having the whole “do not disturb” message on the flip-side for after the wedding.

Of course, if you don't want to go through the extra steps of planning who gets what rooms, you could always just do this:

Use the door hangers as a way to welcome your guests, like these from Etsy seller ThoughtfullyDesigned, and then flip it around for the post-wedding GTFO message.

Sorry to pile it on, but you just might want to add “get door hangers” to your to-do list now, because these little sheets of paper could cut down on hotel room drama AND early morning disturbances.

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  1. You may also want to add another kind of door hanger: An over the door hanger to hang your dress on so it’s not scraping the floor or in the way as you’re getting ready. Not all places have them high enough or sturdy enough to handle the length and weight of a wedding dress.

  2. I loooove me some doorhangers! Now if I could only think of a way to use some… 😉

  3. YES, this is fantastic! I love things like this: simple touches that are unexpected and funny enough to get a good laugh. My faves are the “DND – I partied all night” ones.

  4. Hi! I’m the owner of Thoughtfully Designed and just realized you posted about my door hangers! Thanks so much for the feature! 🙂

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