The Ultimate Card Box
So I've tried to look up wedding card boxes, and they are these weird things that look like wedding cakes — except on Offbeat Bride, where they most often look like small monsters or TARDIS. (True observation, I swear!)

However, I'm still not sure exactly what a card box is for! Is it for people who want to give you cards, so you don't have to hold onto them? If so, are these “congratulations!” cards, or do they include money? We're trying to discourage people from giving us presents, but I'm totally down with handwritten notes of support.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is – do I need one of these? Are people going to expect it, in the “I brought you a card, where do I put it?” sort of way? Because if it's going to make everybody's life easier, I guess that makes sense, but honestly the whole thing confuses me.

Thank you. I feel like a dunce, but I honestly haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer. It's like the whole wedding universe assumes I already know this thing.

Generally, cardboxes are a place to put any cards you receive at the wedding. Many of them are meant to be somewhat secure so that if you receive money in a card it won't walk away. I used a box I happened to have that looked like a little suitcase because we had a small wedding, easy enough to monitor who was walking in the doors, and I hadn't had time or energy to be more creative about it.

You don't have to have one. You could use a basket, just collect them by hand, or tell people to set it on a table. It is utterly up to you. Guests probably will expect some place to put any gifts they might get you despite your preference or any cards they might choose to give.

Now, if you've decided you want to make a cardbox, of course we have no shortage of inspiration. And we're guessing readers will have even more in the comments!

Weigh in: are card boxes worth your time, or are they just one more “not worth it” DIY project?

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  1. It’s all of these little incidentals that go along with weddings that make me crazy (and a bit bitchy, depending on what it is). Favors, guestbooks, card boxes, escort cards, programs, etc etc ad infinitum.

    I think having a clear place for people to put cards is a good idea, but as far as doing something special for it? Not necessary. If you are worried about the possibility of cash/check cards being stolen, ask someone to act as security or put them in your proximity. I went to a wedding in January that had no clear place for cards and as such, I don’t know if mine (and the money) ever got to the couple. At a different wedding a month ago, they just used the birdcage that the groom already had from owning a bird a few years prior and left it next to their table.

  2. We decided we needed a card box for organization purposes. Its one of those things that makes guests more comfortable and oriented and is so easy to do. We went with the cardboard box covered in fabric thing and it only cost us a roll of colored duck tape to secure the fabric to the inner edge of the box and lid. We tried to discourage gifts, but almost EVERY SINGLE PERSON brought a card of some kind. Thank goodness we had them all in once place so when it came to write thank you notes we could be sure we had them all.

  3. We bought a basket for $2 at a reuse depot, and I wrapped ribbon and (fake) leaves all over it to make it pretty and “fall”. Printed out a paper that says “cards” and tied it on.
    Boom. Done. By far the easiest DIY part of our planning 😉

  4. I strongly suggest having your card box close to your head table OR a trusted person to monitor the box, or count the cards that are in it- OR empty it as soon as you believe all guests have arrived. It is my biggest fear that our card box will empty on its own- which would be horrible because we are asking our guests to “sponsor” our honeymoon with cash. Our card box will be at our guest bench and a very close friend will be monitoring it all night! (What’s a guest bench? Instead of a guest book we are having a friend make a bench for us, all guests are signing it with a sharpie and then he will lacquer over it and we will place it on our porch! My favorite idea so far!)

    • Korean weddings usually have one or two cardbox attendants who sit at the entrance of the wedding venue. When guests arrive, the attendants OPEN the card and record the amount on a document along with the guest’s name. Aside from the extreme violation of privacy and degree of awkwardness, it is a good way to make sure that you have a record of every gift received.

      I guess it’s also worth noting that Korean weddings usually only have cash gifts.

  5. I think a gift card box is becoming more and more essential at weddings. There will always be people who bring a card or money gift and it makes it much easier if there is place to put them all. It’s better to be prepared and there are heaps of reasonable priced gift card boxes that look great with very little or no DIY. I just bought one from amazon by hayley cherie which was $20 and looks amazing. I’m just going to add a few flowers to match our purple wedding theme. I don’t think it’s worth going all hard out with DIY on a box, I’d far rather put my time into things like the table settings/ invitations etc.

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