Here’s how to get a super personal wedding video with help from Wedit

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Want to capture all your cheesy, romantic, tearful first look, Time Warp-dancing, TARDIS cake-cutting, wild hora dancing, groomsman fainting (jk) moments at the wedding? Do you have the sads because you can't afford a professional videographer?

Official-Wedit_LogoOur sponsor, Wedit, has a solution that can make your wedding video moments happen affordably and easily: DIY wedding videos that are professionally edited for super-economical and super-personal results. Is that a score or what?

What if you have no video equipment?

Nobody would recommend relying on any old camera sitting around to capture low-resolution video. Wedit provides you with five HD cameras that you can give to your designated folks for the night. You then send them with the prepaid shipping label for uploading and editing after it's all done!

What's the benefit of having someone you know capture the video?

Keyword: personalization. They totally know what they should shoot! They know who your closest friends and family members are, who definitely needs to have a cameo in your wedding video, what to say to get people laughing… you get the idea. With Wedit's process, you get to have the benefit of (multiple) videographers who totally get you and your style with the benefit of a professional to make it all look rad at the end, if you choose that. Win-win, baby!

Can we capture a whole week's worth of festivities?

Hell yes you can. Unlike a hired videographer who you get only for a limited amount of time (they are human, after all), you get these HD cameras for a week to capture the pre-parties, after-parties, pajama parties… ALL THE PARTIES! This is also pretty ideal for a destination wedding to capture all the shenanigans of your mini vacation.

Discounts for yoooou:
Use the coupon code OBB25 for $25 off the price of a rental package. The coupon code is valid through April 27, 2015.


Don't give up on your videography dreams for budget reasons. Take the DIY route (that we all know you love anyway) and get super personal video shot by people who know what you want and who you are. Go check out what Wedit has to offer and run with it!

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