Handpainted diy wedding shoes

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Inspired by a pair of wedding shoes that didn't fit, Offbeat Bride reader Sophomania mused, “Vegan footwear is not only hard to find but expensive. But hey, I am a crafty bitch! I might as well DIY it!” So she took a pair of cheap non-leather pumps from Pay-Less and painted them freehand. The results are stunning:

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  1. These are great! What type of paint did you use? And did you use an acrylic sealer when you were finished? Just curious. Awesome job!!!

  2. Gorgeous! My husband (we’re still getting weddinged) paints sneakers and pumps for a living… There is a company called Angelus that he has found (after much trial and error) that works the best for longevity and yes they have a sealer. I’m pretty sure you can google them and find a place to buy it. I know I can’t pimp his wears here, but if your not a DIY type and you want to see his work shoot me an email.

  3. freaking AWESOME!
    if I could paint like that, everything I own would have beautiful designs.
    well done!

  4. Whoa! Those are INCREDIBLE! …I’m sensing an Etsy shop in Sophomania’s future… And I’d love to be the first customer!

  5. These shoes are beautiful!

    I recently found another great vegan shoe at http://www.mohop.com – they definitely fall into the “expensive” category, but they are also very re-wearable.

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