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Want a photo booth at your wedding but don't want to shell out the dough to rent an actual photo booth? With Sparkbooth and the ultimate DIY wedding photobooth tutorial from Offbeat Intern Becca, you are golden!

Sparkbooth helps couples on a budget have a photo booth option available to them for only $59. It may require a little more DIYing on your part than say, renting one, but it's certainly going to end up saving you a buttload of cash! John, the creator of Sparkbooth, developed the program for his own wedding reception last year, so you know it's gotta be wedding-perfect. As he says:

Even though people are using the software to start their own photo booth rental businesses, I wanted to keep the software affordable to individuals who, like my wife and I, were putting together our own wedding reception.

The app is loaded with awesome features

  • Customize photos with your own graphics or wedding logo
  • Add backgrounds or overlays to create a party favor
  • You can choose to have your photos in a strip or two-by-two format
  • Enable automatic printing
  • Automatically share photos on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.
  • Color, black and white, or sepia photos
  • And more…

“Run the Sparkbooth app and put [your computer] in Full Screen mode and everything should be set to go! That's it!”
The ultimate DIY wedding photobooth tutorial

And the program is easy enough for your guests to figure out how to run on it their own — guests simply walk up, press the spacebar, and there it goes. Which means you don't have to hire another photographer or confine a good friend to the photo booth area of your wedding for all eternity.

Now a computer, webcam, and Sparkbooth's photo booth software is all you need for countless hours of entertainment (and embarrassing photos of your guests)! So, if you want to ensure photos of your grandparents wearing feather boas and funky sunglasses, download Sparkbooth and make it happen.

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