This before and after venue transformation is unbelievable (and DIY!)

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You could totally create this lighting magic yourself!
You could totally create this lighting magic yourself!

Our sponsor DIY Uplighting was basically piece of advice #10, out of the 11 awesome pieces of advice for those who don't want to end up hating your wedding photos:

Turn crappy into happy with uplighting

I've seen a DJ turn a bare room with four walls into a Vegas Nightclub with uplighting. Most professional DJs offer uplighting packages. Want to do it yourself? Check out this offbeat vendor.

But it's also the solution for not hating your venue. Seriously, check out this amazing transformation from bare room to instant party vibes:

Before and after DIY Uplighting did their magic.

DIY Uplighting is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
So let's talk some more about the instant-party-atmosphere-creating power of DIY Uplighting, and how it can turn any space into a party space…

You might want DIY Uplighting if you:

  • Have a venue that's bare-bonesy: an art gallery, community hall, your backyard, etc.
  • Are worried about your reception not having enough atmosphere: Kick-ass lighting is one of the keys to the vibe of a kick-ass party
  • Are on a budget: Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars by setting up your own lighting?
Lawrence and Vanessa rented 20 up lights to DIY their own wedding lighting. (Photo by StevenoPhotography)

How DIY Uplighting works:

  1. Rent their bright, energy-efficient, multi-colored, LED uplights for only $17 each.
  2. They'll ship them to you for free, and guaranteed to arrive a least two days before your wedding.
  3. Set them up at your party — Just plug in and select one of the seven color presets
  4. Re-pack all of the lights and drop them off at a UPS with their pre-paid return label for free shipping!

DIY Uplighting gives you a super-easy, low-stress DIY project that's going to turn your wedding into a rockin' event. But availability is limited, so to guarantee that they'll have enough lights in stock, you better reserve your DIY Uplighting early!

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