Seriously perfect DIY steampunk wedding invitation

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Tribesmaid Amberella and her future husband, Ed, spent the weekend crafting what might be the perfect invitation for a steampunk wedding.

First things first: they found some awesome vintage-looking paper.

They got this Mechanical Mind paper from Graphic 45. They folded it so the woman's face is centered where the address goes.

Then they sealed it with wax.

But wait until you see how it unfolded…

Amber made up the telegram template in Word and Ed took care of the text. It's pretty amazing, especially given how simple it was to make. Seriously perfect DIY steampunk wedding invitation.

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Comments on Seriously perfect DIY steampunk wedding invitation

  1. Umm…Hot Guy and I are TOTALLY STEALING THIS. (Not wholesale, promise, but I just sent it to him and we went “WE SHOULD DO THIS” which is the first time I have felt at all happy about our invitations, so THANK YOU, AMBERELLA!)

  2. Oh Hallelujah! I’ve been seriously struggling with invitations, even to the point of arguing with the FH over whether to do them ourselves or have them done. This looks so easy! Thank you for sharing, I’m so going to find some cool paper and do this!

  3. Ummm… these are AMAZING. Wish we’d known about something like this when we were picking out our invitations.

    Of course, I can’t complain. My sis is a graphic designer. She did the whole thing… for free!

    Still, love these. Thanks for posting.

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