Ruffles, card cages, DIY projects, and some kick-ass save-the-dates

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Lots of DIY was happening in the Offbeat Flickr Pool and Offbeat Bride Pinterest account this week. We've got ruffled skirts, copper-leafed candles, Lebowski-style save-the-dates, and some save-the-dates written on faces! Check out the newest selections from our favorite haunts.

Save the date! Lebowski style




The Miniature Wedding Arbor

Armenian Wedding Ceremony - Crowning

Bolero and bustle with mirror

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Comments on Ruffles, card cages, DIY projects, and some kick-ass save-the-dates

  1. The playmobil centerpieces are absolutely adorable. If I were a guest at that wedding I would total be occupied for a good while!

  2. Oh my gosh! Got the email about my Playmobil centerpiece and arbor kit being posted on the montage! Thank you so much (my dh is laughing his socks off)! Kudos to our photographer for the shots! 😀

  3. Wow. Playmobil! I admit it though, my feelings are torn. I confess, I have been planning on doing ‘me and him’ playmobil wedding figures for a cake topper and thought it was an original idea (after all most people think a 23 year old collecting playmobil a little odd!). On the other hand -playmobil rocks! It’s good to see it getting some love.

    • Ruth – if your heart is set to doing it, go for it! What matters are what you and your soon-to-be bonded mate think will be a) the awesomest thing to have on your special day and b) what truly reflects you both. 😀

    • It IS original. And you thought of it! And so did she! And you’re both individual’s that shared a thought, “WE COULD USE PLAYMOBIL PEOPLES!!! ZOMG HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?” And you’re both right, it IS cool! And it’s OK that you both had the idea. Keep it, rock it!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my photo, but that cartoon superhero image of us is our actual invitation, and not our Save-the-Date.

  5. OMG i want that opera stole. And why don’t people wear things like that to the opera anymore? And why don’t I go to the opera!?!?!

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