My DIY skull theme

Guest post by Jen Han

My fiance is OBSESSED with Duke Basketball… so the wedding colors are Duke blue. i reeeally love skulls so we are incorporating skulls into the stationary, place cards and cake. i'm pretty proud of the subtle incorporation of skulls in the invitations:

and here are the place cards… these are going to have the swirls next to the skulls, and the skull is actually a pin made out of sculpey… i made over 150 of them and on some of them glued tie tacs to the back to make the pins.

i made my diy pomanders from this tutorial:

and these are some little broach type things i'm making but i'm not sure what i'm going to do with them yet…

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Comments on My DIY skull theme

  1. Thanks for posting the link to the pomander balls! They look great. I love the skulls, they are just “cute” enough to be accessible for my slightly left of the middle ceremony and yet totally off the wall reception!

  2. this is fabulous. not overly girly or masculin or overly weddlingly looking. Great job!

  3. I think it’s nice to have a theme that carries through. I wish I could come up with a singular theme. But alas. I can’t.

  4. So cute! The little broach things can also go well if you pin them to your shoes too.

  5. I’ve been ogling these in the various “show us your…” forums on OBT over the past week or two.
    The whole time, I was wondering where she got those cute little skulls. I didn’t realize she made them! Right on, Jen! They are totally adorable and professional looking and really bring the look together.

  6. wonderful skulls! the bright blue is a remarkable contrast. why not use the ruffly bits to make hair widgets for your gals, and some skulls with blue feathers for boutoniers? or however it’s spelled… either way – fun theme

  7. I love your skull idea!!! So cute without being wishy-washy/diabetic. That pomanders kick so much ass! Why not use your brooches as barettes for your bridesmaids (make it a two-fer by giving them as your thank-you gifts as well as being part of their wedding day ensemble). Keep on rockin!

  8. This is amazing! quirky yet not too off the wall! The broaches would be perfect button holes, or maybe in the flower girls hair or incorperated into this bouquets.

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