How to make a light-up Christmas ornament wedding bouquet

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A few weeks ago, I featured Naomi's crafty/punk wedding, and there were lots of folks who wanted to know more about Naomi's illuminated christmas bulb bouquet, which her mother made for her. Well, I got the information from Naomi! Here y'all go…

Supplies Needed:
[Editor's note: all these supplies should be available at craft stores, but I've linked to online providers as well]

Prepare the Christmas ornaments:

  1. Cut about 4 inch pieces of florist wire
  2. Bend the wires in half and stick them into the bulb tops
  3. Glue wire into bulbs
  4. Use as many as you need to fill your bouquet, about half shiny and half glittery bulbs

Prepare the tulle & lights:

  1. Cut ten 4-inch tulle squares
  2. Tie the tulle in the middle with the florist wire
  3. Twist the wire to make a stick
  4. Stick the tulle sticks in the base
  5. Attach the LED lights to 10 of these with craft wire
  6. Cut bead sticks to about 4 inch lengths

Build the bouquet:

  1. Starting in the center of the styrofoam bouquet base, first insert the Christmas bulbs on wires, filling the entire bouquet
  2. Then, add the tulle and lights between the ornaments
  3. To ensure things are filled in, add plain tulle picks without lights as necessary
  4. Add the bead picks as embellishment

Hiding the battery pack:
I made a bag out of the 4 inch ribbon and inserted the battery pack. I attached the battery pack to the handle of the bouquet by wrapping tulle around it and tying it off. I also covered the bottom side of the bouquet form with ribbon.


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  1. Oh! Oh! Thank you!!!! Since seeing Naomi’s bouquet I became totally fixated on making one just like it and now I don’t have to figure it out myself by breaking things 🙂 Thank you again! And I have to say, her mum is awesomely talented 🙂

  2. How fun! And that would be so great in white and silver for a Christmas or winter wedding. Winter solstice – light returning to the world – oh, I love it!

  3. EEEP! That is awesome! I recently went to Michaels and bought a BUNCH of clearance Xmas decor stuff and this would be super! Thank you Naomi! This might just be the perfect thing for my Vegas Wedding Posse…

  4. Those aren’t just bouquets, those can be centerpieces, too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for posting this! I found myself looking at the pics from this wedding again last night. Such a gorgeous, young, obviously fun couple. Congrats &thank you, Naomi.

  6. Tulle – “Tie them in the middle and make sticks out of them” ?? Can’t visualize that step. How do you make sticks out of tulle?

    • I’ve made many wedding bouquets, and if you get the wood picks with the wire on the end, you would take the wire and tie it around the center of your 4″ tull square. Kind of makes it look like a bow tie. Then when you have enough of them filled in around your bouquet, they will look like the photo.

  7. Cate, that confused me too … but I assumed it was just my lack of DIY-ness. I’ve asked Naomi for some clarification.

  8. I love this bouquet. Thanks for posting directions. I’m going to do a black and white tulle bouquet.

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