Lush florals go ring-shaped with this DIY floral hoop backdrop

Posted May 30 2018
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DIY floral hoop backdrop

I love a good hoop bouquet, but those handy floral hoops can be used for more than just a great alternative bouquet. I've created a series of hoops flowing with greenery and flora that can be used a wedding ceremony backdrop, reception decor, or even a place card holder.

With this DIY floral hoop backdrop, you can add as many floral picks as you like to make it as lush as you can imagine. I partnered up with the crafting pros at Michael's to choose some gorgeous greenery and blooms to make this moody and organic color scheme. Check out the options in Michael's artificial floral section for a backdrop that can go from wedding to living room permanently. It's the beauty of realistic artificial flowers!

Here are the steps to go from a simple hoop to intricate backdrop in no time…

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

What you'll need:

All of these can be found at your local Michael's store (or online if it's easier for you!)…

DIY floral hoop backdrop

Step one: Attach floral picks

Once you've found your favorite metal hoops (and altered them to suit your color scheme, if needed), you'll start attaching your floral picks with some floral wire. Trim the picks to the size you like and arrange them in place along the hoop to see how you'd like to bundle them. You can attach them all the way around or just along the bottom as seen here.

Once you have your pick selections made, wrap some floral wire around the stems, covering with extra leaves and flowers as needed. You can also wrap jute twine all around the stems or the whole hoop if you prefer that look.

At this point, you can use these hoops as hoop bouquets. Otherwise, keep going to hang them on the wall as a backdrop!

DIY floral hoop backdrop

DIY floral hoop backdrop

Step two: Attach the hanging twine

Once your hoops have all the floral picks securely attached, you can attach a long string (or two!) to the top of the hoops to hang them up. If you prefer, feel free to use an extra length of twine to hang them with string vertically from the twine instead of directly on the horizontal string itself. Wrapping with floral wire will secure it to the twine.

I also hung a few decorative fern fronds during this step, just for fun.

At this point, you can hang it right up with whatever method you choose. Or if you'd like to use it as a place card holder, keep on going…

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

Step two: Attach the place cards

If you'd like to hang place cards on the string, you can loop them along the length of the string in a loose bow (so it can be easily untied and taken away by the guests). I used Martha Stewart Copper Solid Paper Tags to serve as place cards along the edge of the twine. These craft paper tags can also be used on gifts, glasses, and pretty much anywhere.

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

DIY floral hoop backdrop

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

floral hoop backdrop tutorial

Thanks to Michael's for providing us the materials to create this project!

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