Make this Fallout-themed wedding day survival kit for your gamer geek partner

Guest post by rockabillysweetheart

I finished my gift for my groom. We're both gamers, and love the video game Fallout. So I took the idea of a “day-of survival kit” and made it Fallout-themed!

The photo above is on the top of the box. (I used the box that our slow-cooker came in.) And here's what went inside…

Here is the “packing slip.” The contents are explained as follows:

  • Two (2) bottles of Nuka Cola, to quench your thirst
  • One (1) bottle of rum, to help calm your nerves
  • One (1) package of Mentats, to give you an emergency boost of charisma
  • Three (3) caps, for last minute purchases
  • One (1) photo of your New Vegas bride, to keep anticipation high
  • One (1) plasma rifle, to fight off feral ghouls on the way to the ceremony
  • One (1) container of extra ammo, in case there are a LOT of feral ghouls

Nuka Cola and caps.


The card envelope, and as many of our nerdy couple references I could think of. I did forget Johnny and June, though.

Here's the card containing a boudoir photo.

The “plasma rifle” and ammo to take care of those feral ghouls on the way to the wedding. My husband has been talking about how much he wants this X2 Invader 700, and it ended up fitting perfectly with my idea, so I threw it in.

I can't wait for him to open it. I only wish I could see his face when he does (we're exchanging gifts at the dinner and opening them separately, later).

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