How to DIY your own cupcake wrappers

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Cupcakes are the bestest… we all know that, right? There's a new trend in weddings to go portable and cute with the sweets, and cupcakes fit the bill. Homemade or gourmet, they're hard to resist and I have a fancy schmancy new way for you to DIY dress up your little cupcake morsels of delight!

It's easy to take your cupcakes to the next level with some snazzy specialization a la DIY cupcake wrappers. This literally takes minutes and uses very little material or supplies.

Caveat: My cupcake decoratin' skills need a little help. I had a short amount of time, and truth be told… a short fuse. Don't hate!


Step 1:
Print out the template at 100%. If you're making the bigger muffin-style of cupcakes you'll have to wing your design. Just use the smaller one to go off of, size up, and you should be golden.

Step 2:
Cut it out along the cut lines as noted with the solid black lines. Trace the cutout shape onto the wrong side (back side) of your decorative or wrapping paper. Cut the paper along the traced lines.

Step 3:
If you have decorative scissors and want to make them EVEN fancier, then cut along the top portion of the cupcake wrapper again, to make it super decorative and rad. Make sure you're only cutting the top slopey piece (the longer side) with the decorative scissors, and not all the way around to the bottom and sides.

Step 4:
Double-back tape the two ends together. Place around your cupcakes. Rinse and repeat as needed. Super cute, super crafty, super simple!

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Comments on How to DIY your own cupcake wrappers

  1. Thanks for posting! This is not only useful for weddings but also for parties. Going to try it with my next batch of cupcakes and muffins.

  2. Is this hygienic? I can imagine problems with colours running of the paper upon contact with the cupcake or while eating a cupcake also eating paper. Did you experience any of that?

    • Well, you bake the cupcakes in their paper wrapper. This is just an ADDITIONAL decorative wrapper. So you’re safe 🙂

      Also, you usually take the decorative wrapper off before you chomp down.

  3. i love this idea! i could imagine doing this with vanilla buttercream frosted cupcakes and all different colors and patterns of cupcake wrappers!

  4. I made 150 of these a few months ago. Time consuming but I think it’s worth it. I saw a picture of a bunch of cupcakes, some vanilla, some chocolate, all lined up looking awkward and mismatched, and this little DIY trick makes them look so much more cohesive, you know, if you care about how your cupcakes look…

  5. Yay! Thank you so much for this! I love the look of cupcake wrappers, but couldn’t justify the cost of buying them. I can’t believe I never thought to DIY.

  6. I love these wrappers! They’d be great not only for weddings, but for other occasions when you want to be a bit fancy, or just more personal.

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