Add a different Avenger to each of your comic-themed boutonnieres

Guest post by Jamie

img_20120717_120624My partner and I attend Baltimore Comic-Con each year. We look forward to it each autumn because what adult doesn't want to prance around in a super hero costume for a day? It's quirky, a bit geeky, but most of all FUN! Everyone we meet at the convention is nice and genuinely interested in the same things as us. It's a day to step out of reality and be a kid again (not that we aren't big kids every day). We knew we wanted to have something comic-y on our wedding day so we went with the boutonnieres.

Each of the guys will have a different Avenger on their boutonniere. Now I can't wait for our wedding day to come so we can finally unleash all of our hard work. Our day will kick ass. Wham! Pow! I do.

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Comments on Add a different Avenger to each of your comic-themed boutonnieres

    • Hi Allison! I got the flower pieces from Hobby Lobby. I just found our wedding colors (navy blue and silver), arranged them how I wanted, twisted the stems together, and wrapped with floral tape. Super easy and cheap!

      The little comic guys are called squinkies. You can get them in the toy section at Target. I just super glued them on.

      Hope this helps. Good luck! 🙂

  1. I absolutly love this! Ive been looking for a way to geek up my flowers!

  2. We are running a Thor and Jane mini theme at the wedding complete with plushies. I love your geek flower idea I think its awesome. Where did you get your little avengers guys at? I wanna include the wedding party in on our Jane and Thor thing.

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