DIY comic book bridesmaid clutch

Guest post by Jessica Charlton

Comic book brides! Here's a cool and functional item for your ladies to carry as they join you at the end of the aisle: a purse made from a comic book.



To Create:

First, open the comic book to the middle. I had a lot of weird ads in the middle of mine, so I skipped to a nearby page with some thrilling plot.

Take your comics to a well-ventilated area and spray the cover and middle with at least three coats of spray sealant.

Finished product

When dry, fold comic in thirds, crease.

The third of the book with the front cover will now be called Top Flap, back cover third is now Bottom Flap, and the third with a little of both is Purse Back.


Measure height of the Purse Back, then measure how wide you want your purse to open, usually these numbers are close. Now take the height measurement and multiply it by two. [So say you had h:5″ w:5″; after multiplication you have h:10″ w:5″.]

Still with me?

Now before you cut these dimensions from your fabric of choice, add 1/4″-1/2″ to each side (aka a seam allowance). [So if you add 1/4″ to each side of the example, your new dimensions are h:10.5″ w:5.5″.]

Cut two rectangles with your dimensions.

Fold fabric piece in half with right sides of fabric facing each other, sew along open edge.

Hidden stitch ends
Flip fabric right-side out and fold in half with raw edges together. Sew along fold, as close to the fold as you can get.

Position the first seam you made touching the bottom of the purse, angling the fold you just sewed down toward the center of the purse.

Fold the top edges of the fabric into itself to create straight lines which line up with and parallel to the top of the Bottom Flap.

Use pins to tack the ends of the fabric within the pages of the comic book, making sure to place the pin in a spot where you can get to it without ripping paper, but leave out the cover page.

Sewn sides
Using your needle and thread, carefully sew up all four corners of your purse.

Bottom magnetNow stick your magnets near the bottom of the Bottom Flap, underneath the cover page. Then lay the cover sheet and bottom page of the Top Flap over those.

Top magnetLet the other sides of the magnets naturally snap into place, peel film from adhesive, then lay rest of Top Flap over those, lining up the sides.

Gently sew the edges of the Top and Bottom Flaps EXCLUDING the cover pages.

When the sewing is finished, swipe a glue stick over the thread and smooth the cover pages over that. Hiding the seam makes it look like it's just a folded book.

UntitledLast: give it to your ladies! Let them walk down the aisle with a fantastic story in their hands… and your mascara and lipstick in their purses!


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Comments on DIY comic book bridesmaid clutch

  1. Also, make sure the comic you are using is worthless, please! Don’t use that Action comics comic!

  2. A friend of mine makes decoupage comic related items…. and does custom work/requests

    Shoes to wallets… purses etc… I saw this and it reminded me of what she does – just thought I’d pass it along for anyone who loves this type stuff but doesn’t have time or energy to DIY

  3. I know this is an old post, but I am trying to make these clutches and cannot figure out the instructions on how to attach the fabric. Anyone have help or advice on how to accomplish this?

  4. Just wondering how durable the spray sealant makes the paper? My daughter is done with her huge Archie comic collection and I am searching the internet for a way to make them durable enough to last but not so durable they cannot be sewn. I am thinking zipper pouches. 🙂

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