How to make a glittery candy corn mini top hat

Guest post by Sarah
Candy corn: Love them or hate them, you can't deny that this hat is all sorts of cool! Also, you might want to switch the yellow and orange layer for a more authentic candy corn look.

While making these trés cute glittery candy corn-themed mini top hats for my daughter's Halloween fab-ness, I realized that some offbeat brides may like this idea. I think these would be super cute for flower girls. So, I thought I'd share how to make your own.

What you will need:

First thing you need to do is take your scrap paper and wrap it around the top part of the hat, this is to mask off the bottom orange layer so you have a nice clean, even line. Once you are happy with the placement of the layer and it looks fairly straight, tape it into place nice and snug.

Next, start painting the glue onto your hat. Don't spare the glue — you want the glitter to stick, after all. Make sure to really get into every little nook and cranny. Make sure to check it before you glitter it up, check for gaps, thin spots and holes, then cover those spots with more glue.

Now we get to the fun part. GLITTER! Really dump it on — you want to ensure coverage, and you can always shake off the excess. If you go too thin with the glitter and it dries it gets messy and lumpy to add more.

Use paper plates, or sheets of paper to catch the excess glitter. Not only does this make clean up a bit easier, it makes it easy to dump the unused glitter back into the jars. NO WASTE! Woo!

Once you have the glitter all over, and checked for bare spots, give the hat a good hard couple of thwacks to shake off any excess loose glitter. Remove your scrap paper. You should have a nice crisp glittered edge.

Next, figure out where you want your yellow layer to end, and tape your scrap paper into place as a guide, like you did for the orange layer. Depending on if you want to add ribbon or decorations, you may want to make the yellow layer a bit wider than the other layers to compensate, that way a wide ribbon doesn't obliterate your yellow layer and hide all the candy corn goodness.

I used the orange layer as a guide. But if you don't feel comfortable with free-handing it, you can carefully cover your orange layer with some more scrap paper. Although, if you do this, I would suggest letting the glue dry completely, so you don't squish and smudge your glitter.

Liberally paint on more glue for your yellow/gold layer. As before, make sure you don't have any thin or bare spots.

Dump on that yellow glitter! As with the orange layer, check for bare spots and add more glitter. Give your hat a couple good thwacks again. Remove scrap paper.

Repeat glue and glitter steps with the white glitter.

When you've done all this, give the hat some good hard smacks, blow anything loose… then set aside to dry before decorating.

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  1. They also make a clear spray for finishing off glitter projects. It’s supposed to make it so the glitter doesn’t come off later. It really helped the shoes I spray-glittered…

  2. Also, you can mix modge podge and extra fine glitter for totally un-shakeable glitter! I did it to heels.

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