White Rabbit Photo Boutique: From Disneyland to your dream wedding

Updated Jan 6 2016
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Russell and Bunny's steampunk wedding at the Disneyland Hotel.
Russell and Bunny's steampunk wedding at the Disneyland Hotel.
Disney enthusiasts, geeks of all sorts, and those planning fairy tale weddings: our sponsor White Rabbit Photo Boutique is your match made in fairy tale wedding heaven.

Jenna Henderson, of White Rabbit Photo Boutique, is a wedding photographer based in California's Inland Empire, but totally willing to travel. She works closely with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings, and has had the opportunity to photograph weddings everywhere around Disneyland — from the Animation Building at California Adventure, to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and even a photo shoot at the Haunted Mansion.

Wanna see some of those amazing shots? Of course you do! Let's follow White Rabbit Photo Boutique down that rabbit hole of awesome…


I bet you will NOT be shocked at what I'm about to write, but: White Rabit Photo Boutique loves working with offbeat couples. Probably because Jenna is "one of us."

I mostly photograph couples that met online, play World of Warcraft, love Disney, and watch a lot of Game of Thrones. Birds of a feather, perhaps? I love unique details and offbeat weddings, and even had my own offbeat wedding not too long ago. Each wedding I photograph, whether it's in a yard, a restaurant, or Pirates of the Caribbean, is awesome in my book.

Chelsea and Trevor's Tangled-themed wedding. We wanted to take a photograph of her looking out a window, to give a subtle nod to the theme.

For those of you who want to have as much fun with your photos as you do with your wedding, White Rabbit Photo Boutique is your jam. Jenna goes the extra mile with your wedding photos. Whether it's making sure to nail a photo of the bride looking out a window for a Tangled-themed wedding, or to book a private photo shoot at the Haunted Mansion after your Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding

Rob and Paula's Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding[
Rob and Paula's Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding[

I'm telling ya, I spent a good long while just scrolling through the White Rabbit Photo Boutique blog, not just for the amazing photos of Disneyland weddings, but for sweet posts about how Jenna embraces her quirks, even while she's working, and for informative posts like: Choosing a location for your Disneyland engagement shoot. Speaking of engagement shoots…


OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Jenna is taking $50 off your engagement shoot when you book White Rabbit Photo Boutique to shoot your wedding! Just mention you're an Offbeat Bride couple when booking.

While White Rabbit Photo Boutique has had the opportunity to shoot amazing Disney weddings, you get the opportunity to have her shoot your amazing wedding wherever it may be. Knowing that she'll be bringing all that fabulous Disney, fairy tale magic with her. Hire White Rabbit Photo Boutique for the happiest wedding photos on Earth.

  1. I love unique wedding photos! So much personality and these are gorgeous! I am personally a geek and steam punk fan myself so I will be checking out more photos soon 🙂

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