Need a break from your family this holiday weekend? We've got some great clicking you can do while you're blissed out on tryptophan. Our long time sponsor Turtle Love Co., who we all know for its organically-styled rings and jewelry, is announcing some new, super-clean, yet classic, jewelry looks. These pieces don't look all crunchy — they're definitely packing some substantial bling — but no worries, they're still crafted with 100% recycled gold and recycled or Canadian diamonds.

So sit back, and let your fingers do some shopping…

Turtle Love Co. is adding new artists all the time, including this jewelry, new work from Jeannie Hwang. These engagement rings and wedding bands have a sort of other-worldly kind of feel, and they have the outer-spacey names to match: Satellite, Solar Flare, and Constellation. But dude, check out the bling on the three-stone Rising Sun ring and the Horizon Solitaire. Even awesomer… they're made with recycled diamonds and recycled metals.

You may have noticed that Turtle Love Co. has been blowing up over the wedding blogosphere lately, but you heard it here first: Vintage Rings are 25% off through Monday when you use the promo code on Turtle Love Co.'s Facebook page. So, go to Facebook, like Turtle Love Co., and get the promo code for 25% off your vintage engagement ring or wedding band, plus then you'll be sure to hear about all their future awesomeness when it comes up!

TLC also has lots of new stuff in earrings and necklaces too — perfect for gift-giving (think Christmas!) AND for wedding-day wear.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Use promo code OBB15 for a 15% off discount on all Turtle Love Co. earrings and necklaces through the end of 2011.

Wanna do more clicking? Head over to Turtle Love Co. to take advantage of all their special discounts and get some holiday shopping done at the same time!

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